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Epson printer support info update System
Epson has finally released some useful info on which of their printers will be supported in OSX 10.1. The info is here:

[Editor's note: It appears that if you don't have an Epson USB printer, you're out of luck. My serial Epson 800 isn't on the list, which is not all that surprising, but still a little disappointing. It is several years old, so maybe it's a good excuse for an upgrade. Anyone know of affordable Ethernet-capable color printers supported in OS X? I'd love to share one printer amongst two Macs and two PC's.]
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Photo 750 has USB and it isn't supported
Authored by: jonahlee on Aug 14, '01 06:56:14PM

I loved that printer, but since my new computer came with a Lexmark printer that has OSX and OS 9 support, I may juts be moving to that printer. My Stylus Photo 750 should work just fine with my new computer, but without OSX i am SOL! Looks like I am now a Lexmark man!

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Epson is lame
Authored by: sjonke on Aug 15, '01 03:35:38PM

I'm another Photo 750 owner who appears to be SOL. Not only that, but there's no guarantee that any owners of the ones they do list won't be SOL because all they say is they "hope to have" drivers for those printers. They don't say "hope to have soon", rather, "hope to have drivers at all".

My next printer will definitely not be an Epson. Unless, of course, they can prove themselves wrong and come up with a fully working 750 driver for OS X, soon.

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Epson Stylus Color 600 support?
Authored by: appleweek on Aug 14, '01 08:36:22PM

Hello, I would like to know if my Epson Stylus color will *EVER* be supported? I know it didn't make the cut for 10.1, but will it be supported in the future? the reason that is i'm thinking about sellin it (ebay; how much would i get?) But if i know that support is comming in the future, i don't mind saving myself the trouble of dealing with selling it. what should i do?

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Epson Stylus Color 600 support?
Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 15, '01 12:48:53PM

Seeing as though the common thread in these printers is that they all have USB, I wouldn't be shocked if Apple's just decided to punt on support for serial printers. If this is the case, then I doubt there's much Epson could do to support these older printers.

Granted, if you've sprung for a serial-USB converter, it would be nice if you could use your printer this way. However, I wouldn't hold my breath.

I'm in the same boat - I've got the 600 connected to a beige G3. Fortunately, I picked up a USB card a few years back, so tonight I'm going to Staples and I'm going pick up a 777 for $50 (after rebate).

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Epson Stylus Color 600 support?
Authored by: appleweek on Aug 16, '01 06:48:03AM

Thats the thing, did indeed buy an Epson USB Converter Kit so I can use my printer with my (Summer 2000) iMac DV SE. I originally bought my Epson SC 600 with my PowerMac 6500. SO when i got my iMac, i jumped on an Epson USB Converter Kit from eBay to I could use my Epson SC 600 with the iMac.
In other words, (with the USB Converter Kit) my printer is just like any other Epson printer. but all epson needs to do is to switch with the drivers a bit to support the USB Converter Kit.

Does anyone know if the USB Converter Kit from Epson will be supported in the future? I really don't want to sell the printer and buy an el-cheapo (Cannon or something) because I know I won't get much for it (even with the Kit). So what should I do?

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How about a hack?
Authored by: Rob on Aug 17, '01 09:10:44PM

I print to an Epson Stylus 600 from my trusty old Newton 2000, using a generic Epson Stylus driver. Surely it must be possible to hack one of the existing Epson Stylus drivers for OS X to support the 600, at least in basic functions. Admittedly I haven't succeeded when I've tried this.

OS X recognises that the printer is a Stylus 600 (via a no-name USB-parallel converter) and says it's unsupported. Could it be as simple as changing a string in some table that OS X looks up to determine whether a printer is supported or not? I presume you'd also need to duplicate the driver for another printer and change its name and internal strings to 600.

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Epson Stylus Scan 2000
Authored by: varase on Aug 16, '01 09:33:51PM

Thank God I didn't wait for Epson to support the Sylus Scan 2000!

I took an HP 880c off the family PC and put the SS 2000 on that. Despite
the fact that the 880c is an older printer, it is at least supported by HP.

According to Epson, they'll be supporting their new models.

I think that when my HP 880c dies, there'll be another HP in my future ...

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Epson Stylus Color 8 cubed
Authored by: LouieNet on Aug 18, '01 01:04:14PM
Oh great! Am I supposed to stop upgrading my G4 cube just because Apple stop selling them so I can keep using my 8 cubed printer? I hope that I can use drivers for the 880 with this printer for which Epson had previously committed OS X support.

I guess I'm going to have to write their Support Department and urge other 8 cubed owners to do so as well.



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If this is MacOS X @ it's best...
Authored by: pruski on Aug 19, '01 12:44:03PM

My God!

If I have to believe Epson (and Apple): printer support will be greatly improved in version 10.1... Well, according to me it is not going to improve. A lot of printers out there are unsupported and once again it is shown that a lot of low-end, "South American" and "European"-models are excluded of the driver upgrade...

I cannot imagine it's very hard to make those drivers. Certainly when you have the resources of how the hardware is setup!

In Europe Epson sells it's 580-series low-end printer. I don't have seen a driver for that printer and in some way I don't even expect support for this printer in the near future...

A lot of disapointed students :-)... ... ...

This is my first and last Epson printer I've ever bought, that's for sure. I bought this printer 5 months ago... With a MacOS 9 driver in the BOX!!!!!!!!!!

It's a bit strange to tell the public that: nobody forces you to upgrade your system to MacOS X when Apple and almost every developer is making the transition to MacOS X... Making .PDF files and printing them from MacOS 9 is absurd!

If this printer would be over 36 months, well... Okay, maybe... Somehow this printer could wait for an upgrade of the drivers... But I read about a lot of printers that are almost BRAND-NEW (just like this 580) and are not supported!

Maybe it's an idea to collect those complaints and to deliver them (in a printed form) to Epson's HQ...

I want my printer to be supported. Selling it could be an option, but it is stupid in my opinion. That's the same thing like Hewlett Packard, Canon or Lexmark would tell Windows customers that they have to by a new printer because they have no plans to support their 3 month old printer in Windows XP! ! ! ! !

If _WE_ Apple users buy this crap, it's our own fault that we do not have the same HW support Windows users have... I've worked as a 2nd line support agent and believe me: Windows users are almost always a pain in the A!@# while Apple users are more relaxed. This attitude does not realy help US Apple MacOS X users to get Epson to release those drivers for almost all their printers...

(Gee, this realy helps: I already feel better now :-). This posting are sort of therapeutical...)

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Epson 1200 driver released!
Authored by: kalx on Jul 22, '02 08:47:20AM
This is just a news, not a hint, but I know that it will make many Epson Stylus Photo 1200 users like me happy. Go here to get it!! FINALLY IT'S HERE!!!

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