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Unable to login System
I tried to reset the password with the CD, didn't work. I tried the method mentioned here, boot into single user etc. When I used this method, the computer couldn't find the file, ie no such user root, or System Administrator, or my login name. I am currently using X from my second (slowwwww) drive and am trying to avoid doing a new install. Any help would be appreciated.


[Editor's note: Anyone seen anything like this? It appears that the Users data is either missing or damaged, based on James' description of the symptoms...but that's a semi-wild guess on my part...]
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Did you enable root access?
Authored by: jmil on Aug 10, '01 06:48:40PM

"root" access is off by default in OS X as a security feature. You first need to enable root access. Open NetInfo Manager (in Utilities), and choose Domain->Security->Enable Root User.
Then the method of resetting root's password using the cd or in single user mode should work.

Or an easier method would be to use and the "passwd" command. Type:

sudo passwd root

enter your normal OS X login password, and you can now change root's password. As long as you have administration privileges in OS X, you will be able to run the above command. Post here to let us know if that was your problem, and if you got it working. Hope that helps.


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Did you enable root access?
Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 11, '01 11:41:13AM

Root is enabled. I am not able to login to the GUI at start up. I just get the shaking login screen.
When I went to single user it appears the information netinfo needs is gone. Is there a way to replace or fix this either from 9.1, single user, or on my other X partion that still works.

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Did you enable root access?
Authored by: dbhill on Aug 12, '01 03:24:18PM

If files are missing, perhaps you have damaged directory structure. DiskWarrior is OS X compliant so you might try that. You can run DiskWarrior from the 9.1 partition or from the CD.


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Did you enable root access?
Authored by: marcelv on Aug 12, '01 04:24:44PM

I think you damaged your NetInfo-structure, I've had that once, but was able to fix it.

I've heard from a friend that he was able to get his whole config back by just reinstalling MacOS X. The great thing he said was; the files and programs and documents I've created were still on the disk after reinstalling.

Seems that when you reinstall the system, it only puts back the files that are missing or corrupted.


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This happened to me too :(
Authored by: rushmoom on Aug 15, '01 05:15:55PM

I had this happen just a couple of days ago. Sadly after much flailing I decided the only thing I could do was start over.

I assume this was a netinfo corruption of sorts. At first I figured I was ok, since I was able to boot into single user mode, I would to a restoral of my netinfo data using a backup dump. Unfortunately the niload (command line netinfo util) command segfaulted when I tried to use it.

I then tried reinstalling OS X, but was shocked when I restarted only to find that it was still trying to use the existing accounts (i.e. there's apparently no "clean" install). My last resort was then to choose the "erase disk" option in the installer and start from scratch.

Fortunately I could still boot into 9 using the cd, so I was able to backup all of my data prior to reformatting.

On a positive note, it was actually fairly easy to get my system back to "normal" just by restoring my Applications and home directory.

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Did you enable root access?
Authored by: dave7 on Aug 27, '01 12:34:34AM

I have this same log-in, screwed-up administrative functions problem. I did a complete software restore and that fixed the problem for three days but then it reappeared. I have read posts on this site and on Apple's discussion board. One thing I notice is that everyone who struggles with this problem, as far as I can tell, is using a G4 machine. I have a G3 Lombard Powerbook in addition to a new G4 Quicksilver. I have the same configurations on both machines, the same software installed, and do the very same things with each. The problem has not occurred on the G3. There are a lot of people experiencing this problem, and I hope Apple addresses it in 10.1. By the way, for what it's worth, one person with this problem (from the Apple discussion board) was using a beige machine with a G4 processor upgrade card.

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Did you enable root access?
Authored by: ghwelker on Nov 08, '13 04:45:09AM

I just upgraded to "Mavericks" and have 3 major issues with it:

First and foremost I lost my IMac admin. ID and password.

After trying everything I could, I still can't recover them, including using UNIX, as recommended on these sites:[/B]

No matter how hard I try, it just doesn't work.

I thought I had when I used "resetpassword", but when I used it again it said: "Please use install disk which doesn't exist now".

Also, Safari 7.0 starts to come up, then quits. Only pace it worked was in "Recovery" mode.

Likewise when I want to print to a PDF file, "Preview" starts, then quits. It seems to run on it's own!

There may be "200" new and better features, but I haven't got to them yet!

I wanted to keep Mountain Lion, but wasn't given that choice on one of my two external drives, because they both were treated like backup drives!!

Any advice is deeply appreciated.


Glenn Welker

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