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ADSL USB Modem connection Network
I' m about to get an Alcatel ADSL modem in two weeks; the connection is PPPoA going through the USB modem. As far as I can find there are no drivers yet for this (a link here which is a BT unoffical FAQ.) So has anyone got a USB ADSL Modem working (PPPoE seems to be built into OSX already?, but of course BT requires me to use PPPoA via USB)

On the alcatel website there are drivers for Win32 Mac (Classic) and Linux. Any idea if the Linux can be compiled or another workaround?
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October 2001
Authored by: Anthony on Aug 08, '01 04:37:51PM


I am the webmaster of
We have contacted Alcatel, they have told us that the driver will be available for MacOS X in october 2001.

However, some readers are trying to build the driver. You can contact them in our forum. They are using the Linux and the Darwin drivers. If you can help them you are wellcome :-)

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Speed Touch USB & OS 9.1
Authored by: spazmnkee on Aug 09, '01 10:47:57AM

I can't get my Alacatel Speed Touch USB DSL modem to work under 9.1. the drivers and everything work - the lights on the modem turn green (both of them) but when i try to make a connection in the remote access control panel it says "Starting PPP" for about 10-15 seconds and then a window comes up saying that the remote side is not configured properly and to check my control panels. BUT i have checked every control panel numerous times and they're all good - do you know whats the deal?

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Speed Touch USB & OS 9.1
Authored by: Anthony on Aug 09, '01 02:58:25PM

Mmmm no I don't see what the problem is.
I don't know what are the specifications for non french adsl network. My site is France oriented :-(

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October 2001
Authored by: J0l on Aug 14, '01 04:46:06AM


Cool to see a site up there; the difficulty is that it's all in French and my schoolboy French is poor to say the least. As far as I can translate, it seems that in the forum threads that people haev talked about and pointed to the download of the OSX USB SDK and the Alcatel Linux drivers. That's about as far as my translation can handle.

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October 2001
Authored by: Anthony on Aug 16, '01 06:15:02AM


Yes that's right, people are trying to make their own drivers, but it seems not to be easy at all.
There has been the work of Benoit Papillaut, and other drivers for BSD and Darwin.
If somebody is good in driver programming, I am sure he can help :-)


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Speedtouch is a nightmare
Authored by: influx on Aug 15, '01 07:01:02AM
Really, it is - a nightmare of epic proportions. I battled for weeks trying to get the Alcatel Linux drivers working on either of my RedHat or Mandrake boxes. No joy whatsoever. Apparently, even when you can get them installed correctly, they're horribly unstable anyway. Even if you could get the Linux driver and SpeedMgmt package to compile under X, you probably wouldn't want to anyway. However, one enterprising soul has written their own. Linux driver package for the Speedtouch USB, which is far easier to install and work with. Maybe thats a possibility under X, seeing as theres been a port for *BSD? If thats no help, you might find helpful pointers at - the forums there are especially helpful.

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October 2001
Authored by: Anthony on Sep 19, '01 08:14:44AM


There are people working on this :

It is not usable, but I am sure you can help them.


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ADSL USB Modem connection
Authored by: gmcoates on May 02, '03 08:17:07AM
Download the drivers from a company called Thomson, they seem to have taken over development of the Alacatel modem. I found the modem at the following location and just follwed it's instructions. Speedtouch USB hope it helps.

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