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Modem initialization freezing the system in 10.0.4 System
There is a problem with my 10.0.4 that is increasingly apparent. Whenever I click on the Connect button in the Internet Connect application (used to dial up a PPP connection), my superb ultrafine preemptive multitasking goes to hell. Everything freezes, nothing responds, only the mouse is moving (rather hopping from place to place). Force quit of course does not appear either if I press cmd-alt-esc. I even rebooted several times, thinking that my OS X simply froze. But if you wait long enough, eventually everything resumes, the Mac dials up the connection and everything is fine. The delay caused is not fixed a varies from time to time.

My guess is there is a delay when setting up the modem with AT commands, some sort of hardware interupt which hogs the system. I have no direct evidence or solution, however.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
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Me too...
Authored by: ROBcorp on Aug 08, '01 03:22:06PM

I have a Desktop G3 450MHz with OS X 10.0.4 and have the same problem. We're not the only ones, though. I have seen this problem mentioned on one of the OS X mailing lists.

This problem is frustrating as it renders OS X's multitasking completely useless.

Hopefully 10.1 will fix this.


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More details
Authored by: sjonke on Aug 08, '01 04:05:48PM

I think it may be a sleep problem and related to "Locations" in OS X (which don't work very well.) Specifically, this situation will almost always (always?) cause the problem: if my 2000 iBook has been connected to the ethernet network at work (via location I call "Work") or in our lab (which is via Airport, location "Lab") and put the computer to sleep and go home and then at home I switch to my "Home" location and try to connect (which is via phone-line modem), this freeze thing happens.

Now, with 100% consistency this will prevent it from happening: shutdown my computer before going home. More correctly, disconnect from the network and shutdown/restart before switching to a location that connects via phone-line modem (or perhaps it's specifically PPP, in which I suppose you might see this with PPPoE connection too.)

It's not much of a fix seeing how it is probably faster just to wait out the freeze, although it is a little less nerve wracking. More importantly, that it works may indicate some possible real solution. I've not the expertise to figure it out, though.

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Locations (was: More details)
Authored by: zzen on Aug 08, '01 08:36:33PM

I don't think this has to do with Locations. I don't use them - that is, I have the default 'Automatic'
one and never configured any other. I also do not switch the locations. Still, this happens to me.
A better idea might be connecting via Internet Connect several times without shutting/restarting
the computer in between. This might be more close to reality, since I do not shut my computer down,
I merely put it to sleep.

I just reinstalled my OS X (because of other reason) and the problem remains.

Just for your info - the delay can be REALLY long - 2 minutes easily. On the other hand, it's probably
faster then a restart. :)

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More details
Authored by: macubergeek on Aug 08, '01 09:16:45PM

Gee I thought I was the only one with this problem. I reported this to Apple and received back the response that this was a known problem...with the implication that it was being worked on. Personally I believe the modem driver is borked. I know for a fact that the USB and Zip Disk drivers don't work very well. As I recall Apple only recently finalized the Driver api's they released to driver writing has been a moving target up to and including 10.0.4. It seems reasonable that Apple would roll this fix in with undoubtedly a host of fixes in the 10.1 update in September.

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Potential solution (please, don't laugh)...
Authored by: aRichboy on Aug 09, '01 04:06:16PM

OK guys, I think I may have a workaround (which may sound a bit naff, so feel free to deride me if you wish) to this problem, which has also been bugging the hell out of me (btw my record freeze is five and a half minutes -- agh!).

OK, so I used to have this problem (almost) every time I woke my Pismo from sleep and tried to connect to the internet. Having used my far-out method for the last week or two, I have managed to reduce the occurrence of this bug to practically zero under the same circumstances (about twice a day, too), although this may be due to chance more than anything. I would be interested to know if anyone has success using my 'solution' though. Bare in mind this may be bull, so don't expect any miracles :)

Here's what I do: just before clicking "Connect", bring up the connection log and close it a couple of times, and do the same with the "About Internet Connect" dialog box. That's it. Oh, and hovering the pointer over the connect button before clicking it seems to help too (although this may be some kind of psycho-kinetic force in action :). As I say, your mileage may vary, yadda yadda...

Without wishing to undermine my credibility any further, I'm guessing that the bug is caused by the multitasking system having difficulty with the modem initialisation script, or the script not being able to work due insufficient memory, and that forcibly allocating more memory to Internet Connect by actually making the app do stuff helps to resolve the problem. What do you guys reckon?


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Potential solution (please, don't laugh)...
Authored by: appleweek on Aug 10, '01 06:26:42AM

i'm sorry, but as much as your knetic energy might want to make your superbly multitasking operating system actually multitask after clicking "Connect", thats not the answer.
How do I know? you see, I use PPP Monitor (excellent, get it!) to connect. I practly never open up Internet Connect any more, and after a few times connecting and disconnect, the problems comes. By the way, the longest wait time i've had in over 6 minute -- talk about annoying! I've also done this exact same thing with the AOL for Mac OS X beta -- which, just like PPP Connect, is nothing more than another GUI app to connect -- which my computer stalls.
I would do ANYTHING for Apple to fix this problem.

Its always two steps foward, one step back with OS X: we finally get a multitasking OS, but unless you want to wait 5 minutes for it begin to connect, i have to restart after connnecting/disconnect about 5 times (after that, the wait times can get unbearable long, 5+ mins)

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Potential solution (please, don't laugh)...
Authored by: macubergeek on Aug 11, '01 03:45:19PM

tried this, it didn't work for me

Here's the silly naff workaround I found worked for me: open and close the force quit window without force quitting anything.

Damn I hope Apple fixes this soon, this is stupid.

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Potential solution (please, don't laugh)...
Authored by: appleweek on Aug 14, '01 12:17:26AM

OMG! ur solution worked! But how are the two of them connected (initializing Modem and Force Quit, i have no clue! Now i can leave my computer on for days without having to reboot it every 5 hours or so so that I don't have to wait a centry to initialize the modem.

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Potential solution (please, don't laugh)...
Authored by: strummer on Jan 17, '02 06:41:56PM

Thank God you tried that!!!
I've tried just about everything else, from disabling Classic, etc.
Now, can anyone write an applescript that will do the force quit move and then internet connect. Personally, I've never programmed, so I figure there must be someone who could throw something together pronto!

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PPP Monitor might help
Authored by: Mac007 on Aug 10, '01 01:12:49PM

I was having trouble from time to time using Apple's software so I switched to a third party application called PPPMonitor and all my problems went away. You might try it to see if it helps your problems. It's free and you can get it at the URL below:

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Nope, PPP Monitor does it too...
Authored by: GORDYmac on Aug 10, '01 06:07:57PM

Actually, I have had this creep up every since the Public Beta. I think it's hardware based, because I had a similar problem in OS 9. It never froze for so long in OS 9, but it did freeze.

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Nope, PPP Monitor does it too...
Authored by: appleweek on Aug 13, '01 05:41:09AM

same here, i notice the freeze in Mac OS 9 and even Linux. but its only for a second or less. In OS X its reduclous though (5+ mins!).

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As of OS 10.1.1 .. still occuring
Authored by: valmont on Nov 25, '01 10:57:40PM

I am still seeing the same problem on OS 10.1.1. The freeze-ups can last for minutes indeed. I am on a Titanium Powerbook. It is a clean install of OS 10.1 from the CD.

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As of OS 10.1.1 .. still occuring
Authored by: r2242 on Nov 27, '01 10:12:01PM

I too have the same problem. It's maddening, and seems like it's getting worse! Last time mouse was totally frozen too.

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10.1.2 and still happening
Authored by: valmont on Jan 14, '02 01:41:15AM

the dial-up bug is still occuring under 10.1.2 on titanium powerbook g4 400mhz. grmbl. does anyone out there know if apple is planning on fixing this?

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Same here
Authored by: AntoineX on Jan 16, '02 09:06:39PM

Same stuff here, on a g3 pb firewire (stock). As far as I remember, it all starte when i upgraded to 10.1.2... (10.0 + various upgrades)

Hope apple is listening.

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try 10.1.3
Authored by: valmont on Feb 23, '02 11:38:07PM

10.1.3 appears to have fixed it for me.

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10.1.3 fixed it?
Authored by: valmont on Feb 23, '02 11:36:00PM

i installed the 10.1.3 upgrade and it appears to have fixed that issue. i'm now happily switching between active network ports, then connecting and disconnecting my ppp dial-up with no freeze. it doesn't appear to just be isolated dumb luck. i think they did fix it. Can anyone else confirm this?

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10.1.3 still hasn't fixed it
Authored by: macubergeek on Feb 24, '02 05:47:23AM

I'm running first generation G4 350 and latest upgrade still hasn't fixed it. IS APPLE LISTENING....MAYBE WE GOTTA YELL A LITTLE LOUDER.

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