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Pop-up access to individual system prefs System
A tip published in December of 2000 pointed out that the System Preference panels are stored in /System/Library/Preferences. At that time, about all that was said about this was that you could double-click an individual pane, or drop the panes into the dock for fast access. For some reason, I failed to mention that you could also drop the entire folder into the dock for easy pop-up access to any individual preference panel, as seen here. I use this and the Volumes in Dock pop-up to make navigating to prefs and hard drives quite easy.

There are three ways to get the pop-up in your dock...

EASIEST: In the Finder, click on your OS X hard drive, then the System folder, then the Library folder, then the Preferences folder. Drag this to the dock. You now have a prefs pop-up, but it doesn't have a custom icon, and everything is named with ".Preference" at the end of it.

HARDER: As before, highlight the Preferences panel, but now cmd-opt-drag it to your home folder. Then highlight the System Prefs application in the Applications folder and copy the icon. Select your new shortcut and paste the icon. Drag the new shortcut to the dock. Now you have a custom icon, but you still have ".Preference" after each item.

HARDEST (but still easy): Create a new folder in your home directory (or wherever you have write access), and name it with the words you'd like to see when you roll over it in the dock. I used "SysPrefs". Open a new Finder window and navigate to the /System/Library/Preferences folder again. This time, select all the prefs files inside of the folder, and cmd-opt-drag them to your new SysPrefs folder. Edit each new shortcut name in SysPrefs to remove the ".Preference" ending, and copy/paste the System Prefs application icon as in the "Harder" method. Drag this folder to the dock, and you'll see the results pictured here.

Note that the custom icon will NOT survive restarts in 10.0.4; you'll have to re-drag the customized folder in each time you restart. Hopefully 10.1 will address this issue.
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Use Prefling and be done with it
Authored by: sjonke on Aug 01, '01 06:40:50PM
Prefling is free, as simple as dragging it to the dock (actually, copy it to your had drive and then drag that copy to the dock, but you get the idea), and much nicer than the do it yourself option suggested. For one thing it is a dockling and the menu pops up instantly (no need to hold control or hit a second mouse button), it shows the correct names for the preference panes (the file names are different from the more user friendly names shown in the System Preferences application) and it correctly goes to the Software Update pane when chosen instead of starting up the updating application itself, which is what happens if you open the file.

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Use Prefling and be done with it
Authored by: robg on Aug 01, '01 10:11:27PM
Ah, but where's the FUN in that? ;-). Prefling does, indeed, do the same thing in a completely easy-to-use manner - here's a link to its home page: But I still prefer my homebuilt solutions! ;-). -rob.

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Use Prefling and be done with it
Authored by: marcusha on Aug 13, '01 10:52:19PM

I would use Prefling but it refuses to let itself be dragged into the dock on my machine. I e-mailed the author and received no response.

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