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Apple's NetInfo Manager documentation Apps
NetInfo Manager (in /Applications/Utilities) is a very powerful utility for dealing with a number of advanced topics in Mac OS X, including moving a user's directory, managing groups, and setting passwords.

Until now, documentation has been hard to find. The X4U mailing list, however, contained a pointer to a 1.9mb Apple PDF file called "Understanding and Using NetInfo". There's a ton of information in this document that you may find useful and/or interesting if you'd like to more about the inner workings of OS X. Although it's written relative to OS X Server, it should be generally applicable to the consumer OS X package as well.

I've also added the URL to the permanent OS X links page here.
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Authored by: krove on Jul 22, '01 03:35:27PM

Well, users finally have a resource for what the "Network" folder in the root of the HD is under OS X. How to fully utilize it seems a bit complex, but I'm starting the process of attempting to use netinfo to fully utilize it on my home network such that all computers are automatically mounted and a user's home folder is stored on the Server.

The documentation is geared toward OS X Server, so any hints or more simplified tutorials would be much appreciated...

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Setting up a simple NetInfo Heirarchy
Authored by: krove on Jul 23, '01 11:49:50AM

Anyone done this w/o using OS X Server?

I know that the netinfo commands avaiable in the CLI are available, and I attempted to start. The task, however, is much more complicated once you get into it. I want to create a domain such that a user can log into it and have their user folder mounted from the Server along with shared disks from other computers. I could set up each computer's local NetInfo db to mount a share and user folder, but that would seem redundant and pointless because each new computer that is added would have to be set. With a domain, I can just join the domain (using the Directory Setup app under /Applications/Utilities), and all the services like printers, shares, user folders are automatically there for the new user.

I've almost got it figured out, but this tutorial gives some instructions for manipulating NetInfo from the CLI, but the rest is using OS X Server admin apps.

For example, once the domain is created (for a simple heirarchy, the NetInfo tag must be "network") on the designated OS X machine - one needs to have a root user under that domain. How do you add that from the command line?

Also, there is a hint on how to automount nfs shares over the network, but what does an afp automount look like (what "opts" are necessary?) in the NetInfo Manager?

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Setting up a simple NetInfo Heirarchy
Authored by: Kevin Diffily on Oct 10, '01 11:46:47PM

It would be fantastic to have a tutorial how to for setting up a simple network without the OS X Server tools to share user information for username, passwords and how to log into a home or other directory. The capability is there but the specifics are not as far as I can see.

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NetInfo and DNS
Authored by: metafeather on Jul 23, '01 02:09:21PM

In the same spirit...

I have played with NetInfo to establish local resolves for URI domain names on the host machine (following the examples at Evolt - Setting Up Virtual Hosts under OSX), but have not been able to get this information seen by other Macs on my network.

1. Can non-OSX Macs use information in the NetInfo database (like DNS)?

2. Can I export information from NetInfo in any format to zone files for use by BIND?

I know that somehow NetInfo uses Lookupd to manage requests for information amongst various sources, but the only sure fire way I have found for all machines on my network to access the same DNS is to use BIND and remove the entries I made in NetInfo.

Anyone with insight into this?

(instructions for using BIND here )

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PDF link change
Authored by: evild on Sep 11, '02 01:49:46PM
The link for the NetInfo documentation has changed. It can now be located here:

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