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OS X Server Blue Screen of Death problem OS X Server
It seems that OS X Server 10.0x users may find themselves in Windows land with a blue screen of death and virtually no way back without having to resort to reloading the OS. I'm not sure if this is specifically related to the MP G4's (I'm using a dual 533MHz G4 with 640MB of RAM and 2 internal 40GB ATA drives),but I think it's worth noting anyway.

In searching through Apple's Discussion boards I came across a couple of posts with solutions and thought it would be useful to post that info here as well.


[Editor's note: If you have Mac OS X Server and are experiencing the blue screen, read the rest of this article for a couple of proposed solutions.]

When modifying the Apple File Sharing access for however many drives are in your server, DO NOT set the sharing access for Everyone to 'None'. You may be fine for a while, but eventually you will get a blue screen and nothing else. Rebooting will not help.

You can fix this by booting into Single User mode (Cmd-S) and typing the commands below, but I do not recommend this as it opens up every file to all users! Obviously this is a security problem.
/bin/fsck -y; /bin/mount -vw /; chmod a+rwx /;
The better solution is to avoid the problem in the first place by not changing those settings. Hopefully Apple will fix this issue in the 10.1 update whenever it is released in September. So far I think the server is great, but this has really ticked me off and caused a lot of wasted time. Good luck to anyone else out there using the Server version of OS X.
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Authored by: Anonymous on Jul 20, '01 08:21:15AM

In my experience this only causes a problem with the boot volume, not any additional drives that you may have added. Also Apple cautions you against using a whole drive as a sharepoint. Instead they suggest you create a fold, even if it is the only folder on the drive, and share that instead.

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I got whacked on this
Authored by: usingmac on Jul 29, '01 01:05:36AM


On this bug.....and that is what it is....The only way to really fix the problem is to reinstall OsX Server from scratch. I was on the phone with Apple for over two hours trying to nail the problem down.

At the time they did not know of the the problem. (about 5 weeks ago).

They asked me to do that command mentioned and tweaked a couple of things. I believe the issue is that the blue screen you see is the login screen trying to run. However, with the user privileges set so noone has rights, the login app can't even run ....hence you get a login window that keeps restarting and before the login window appears, the app restarts....I beleive you see a flicking screen every 10 seconds or so.

They said this would definitely be something to fix. .....

Just a tid bit.....

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I got whacked on this
Authored by: bluehz on Dec 05, '01 11:34:18PM

Alright - got stung by this bug and the only way out was the /bin/fsck trick. Now I assume all my files have permisssions set for everyone - correct? So what do I do now to set the permissions back, or another question may be - do I need to worry about it - since it is my home machine and I am the only user?

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OS X Server Blue Screen of Death problem
Authored by: kate on Mar 06, '03 03:44:33PM

I had this today with my 10.2.4 server....

Gladly I was able to fetch my install CD, booted from it, chose DiskUtility from the Installer menu und let it repair permissions.

It went half way through but stopped then. Second try is running now, hope this ends well. Seems as if DiskUtil crashes when it has to fix all permissions on all files. Since it displays a lot of text messages it might be a buffer overflow, or simple memory leak. Anyway it repairs.

But how can I restrict access to the boot volume then? If everyone has at least read access that's not good for a LAN Server, let alone for internet....

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OS X Server Blue Screen of Death problem
Authored by: kate on Mar 06, '03 05:05:39PM

DiskUtil did not fix it.... in the end. I'm now trying your permission fix...seems to work

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