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A GUI app for UNIX scripts UNIX
After trying out all the suggestions for running scripts (Perl, bash, tcsh, etc.) in the GUI and finding them less than satisfying, I decided to write my own app to do it the right way. I'm looking for a few folks to help give it a once-over prior to releasing it for general availability.

If you're interested in giving it a try and willing to give me a thorough critique, you can download it from my homepage. The code has been tested thoroughly on my own TiBook, but I'd like some "thumbs up" from independent third parties before I release it.

[Editor's note: I downloaded and ran Charles' program, and it seems to do exactly what he claims - it puts a nice GUI (and basic editor!) around your UNIX scripts. I have not extensively tested it, but it ran the three simple scripts I threw at it without any problems. Definitely worth a look, and Charles is looking for feedback if you give the program a trial run...]
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I like it
Authored by: sjonke on Jul 17, '01 02:00:06PM

I don't yet have much knowledge of Unix scripting, but this little app makes learning to do it a lot more appealing IMHO. Obviously could use some improvements, but even in its current form it is very useful.

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I like it
Authored by: cnorris on Jul 17, '01 03:20:10PM

What would you change to make it better? I'm an avowed Unix-head, so I appreciate a different perspective...

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I like it
Authored by: sjonke on Jul 17, '01 04:37:05PM

The script window doesn't resize properly. I can make it bigger, but the content of the window doesn't resize with it - I end up with a lot of blank space around the same size editing field and that doesn't do me much good. :)

Some things you already mention in your readme as not in there yet, such as allowing for interactive scripts. Also, running with authentication (i.e. sudo) - note that when run via ScriptGUI I would like it to bring up the standard OS X authentication dialog, not a command-line, when the sudo command is in a script. Perhaps that isn't possible, though - I don't know.

There are lots of ways you could take this. One that would interest me would be integrating perl, shell scripts, etc with OS 9 and OS X applescripts. I.e. make it fully scriptable via AppleScript. There are some AppleScript scripting additions that let you perform shell commands and get results - I'm looking for something more extensive to REALLY integrate the two. I don't yet know what that means. :)

Also, being able to create script applications that you can not only double click, but drag files and other things on to which would then be arguments to the script. Make shell and perl scripts interactive in a GUI sense. Hey you can go a lot further here too - make it possible for Unix scripts to present a full blown OS X Aqua GUI.

That enough stuff for your plate yet? :) Don't fret, you can just make the window resizable for now. :)


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I like it
Authored by: sjonke on Jul 17, '01 04:40:29PM

"Also, being able to create script applications that you can not only double click, but drag files and other things on to which would then be arguments to the script."

Oh, incidentally, one way to provide this would simply be to make ScriptGUI AppleScriptable as suggested. Then AppleScript could be used to make a droplet type application or GUI to the script.

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Authored by: cnorris on Jul 17, '01 05:42:26PM
My version 1.0 (we'll call it 1.0b1) had to be rebuilt because of a bug in Interface Builder, and I forgot to set up the view resizing behavior correctly. I'll correct it shortly and adopt an official beta nomenclature. Let's call the first version 1.0b1 and the next will be 1.0b2. By the way, let's use my email address ( for this sort of discussion so we don't clutter things up inappropriately. Thanks for the great feedback, sjonke! Charles

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ScriptGUI now publicly available
Authored by: cnorris on Oct 17, '01 06:52:28PM
ScriptGUI is now available from The link listed earlier no longer works. Version 1.1 features:
  • A GUI for your scripts - the tabbed interface is a great environment for writing and testing scripts. Scripts are double-clickable in the Finder.
  • Works with Perl, Bourne shell, C shell, Python, Tcl - anything that works with #!/bin/shell nomenclature.
  • Scriptlets. Save your scripts as real Mac OS X applications - they support drag-and-drop, which shows up in your arguments list (@ARGV in Perl) in your script.
  • Lots of run-control preferences.

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