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LaCie USB floppy drive support in OS X System
I bought a LaCie USB Floppy along with my G4/450 DP, and of course the fact that OS X dosn't support it is rather frustrating. Even more so that LaCie offered no support on this drive whatsoever! The drive is not manufactured by LaCie at all, it's made by Y-E Data, a company in Japan;

They call it "USB Floppy Disk Drive FlashBuster-U" and "USB FDD SNAP-ON Color Cover Model". There are two other variants; one made for the early iMacs, and one for Windows. Just now, I received a mail from Y-E Data:
Apple will support USB FDD on Mac OS X with built-in driver. But current version of Apple's Mac OS X driver has problem with mount and un-mount operation. Please wait. Apple will fix this problem on future update.

If you want force to take USB Floppy on current version:
  1. Do not install driver from driver CD-ROM. USB floppy drive work with Built-in Driver of Mac OS X.
  2. Insert Floppy Disk to USB Floppy before connecting USB Cable.
  3. Connect USB Cable to your Mac.
  4. Floppy will mount on your Mac.
But, you could not un-mount and change floppy disk.

Apple release Mac OS update 10.0.4, we already test it but, it has still problem. Please wait Apple's next update.

Yoshi Sasaya Y-E DATA INC.
It's not a perfect solution, but it does help a bit. Thanx to Mr. Sasaya for his help! ;-)

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They aren't the only ones
Authored by: vaalrus on Jun 29, '01 04:07:33AM

This is the exact same procedure that I had to discover to work with floppies with a VST USB floppy. Of course, this drive also would persist in mounting two* copies of every disk under OS 9.0 and 9.1.

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Mount problem
Authored by: Julia on Jul 15, '01 09:08:07AM

I have the same problem with Imation diskette drive.
Does anybody know, if (and how) I can mount the diskette from
my source code?

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I have this problem with 10.2.2
Authored by: websterb on Jan 27, '03 07:09:15PM

I've waited several versions of OS and my 50 Generic USB FDD (UD376) 1.03 by ONNTO Corp drives have exactly this problem. I've posted this to the forums.

Apple are doing a good job of discouraging floppy use but what do I do with my 50 disk drives which worked fine till we upgraded to X?

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LaCie USB floppy drive support in OS X
Authored by: on Apr 28, '03 09:22:52AM

Just a little update...

My USB floppy now works as it should. Sort of.
It did however take me rather long to figure out why on earth it
was so mind-numbingly slow... (I'd almost given up on it
totally, becaus a diskett could take 5 min. to load...!)

Apple has done something weird and awfull with it's DOS-
support. Whatever DOS that might be, I don't now - since DOS-
formatted disk(ette)s from a Mac isn't readable on a PC.

However; using Mac-formatted diskettes the floppy drive is as
fast as ever. My only problem being, all my old diskettes are
almost all DOS-formatted for compatibility...



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LaCie USB pocket floppy does not support Mac 2DD disks
Authored by: tomweimer on Jul 31, '04 03:33:51PM

I just got LaCie USB Pocket Foppy drive today, to use with a PowerBook G4 running OS 10.3.4. Unfortunately, even though I exhaustively researched the available USB floppy drives for Mac, I never came across anything that said the LaCie doesn't support double-sided (2DD) Mac formatted disks, only high-density (2HD). It supports 2DD and 2HD PC formatted disks. Very frustrating, since all the files I want to get back are on older 2DD disks.

It took me forever to figure out why my disks wouldn't mount. Wasn't until I came across this thread on that I learned that the drives are actually made by Y-E Data. On their website it does say that 2DD Mac disks aren't supported, which if i remember correctly was why I didn't buy that brand in the first place.

Anyway, I submitted a tech support request on LaCie's website to see if they have a software update that might allow it to read Mac 2DD disks. Otherwise, I guess I'll return it and see if I can find another USB drive that will support those disks. I know this thread is old, but I figured if I found it while trying to solve my problem, maybe what I learned can save someone in a similar situation some time and frustration.

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USB floppy recovery of vintage disks
Authored by: bigmike on Jan 06, '10 08:12:30PM

Still getting value from this thread five years after the last post. I got an old Toshiba FDD Kit PA3109U-1FDD connected to a Dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 tower, to recover journals stored on floppies created in the mid-90s. The insert-before-connect trick worked - no problem with the MFD-2HD disks.

But the MFD-2DD and 135TPI 2S/2D disks are out of luck. I'll search more, but if there are any tips out there on how to recover data from vintage floppies, I could use them! Is there such thing as a USB FDD that can read those old formats?

Edited on Jan 06, '10 08:58:41PM by bigmike

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USB floppy recovery of vintage disks
Authored by: virtual.gretchen on Feb 09, '10 01:07:00PM

Oh frustration! I seem to be having the same LaCie problem with Mac disks not being recognized. The drive is seen by the Mac, but not the disks, even with the trick of inserting the disk prior to pugging it into the USB port. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!

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USB floppy recovery of vintage disks
Authored by: ADent on Oct 26, '10 02:49:27PM

The 800K (DS DD) floppies were a special deal to Macs and the Sony drives they used - the equivalent PC floppies only held 720K.

The DS HD drives use a format close to the PC at 1440K and are readable by basically all drives.

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USB floppy recovery of vintage disks
Authored by: moldava on Apr 26, '10 08:35:28AM

I've had come across this problem in the past.
The best solution I got is to build an image of the floppy disk in a cheap PC with a floppy drive using rawimage, rawwrite ( or another similar program to transfer the content of the mac formated floppy to a file without windows trying to acces the Mac filesystem.
Then, transfer the image files to the Mac and mount them directly in the desktop. If the files uses the .img extension, the Finder will mount them with a double click.
That's it.

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