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10.0.4 resolves (some?) USB issues System
Just a quick note to let you know: I have a Logitech USB optical 2-Button Wheelmouse (3-button if you include the wheel!). It used to freeze if left unused for more than about 15-20 minutes. Pointer would not move, but mouse seemed to be registering the movement (optical LED lights up).

With update 4, I have not had a freeze in 4 days. Seems they fixed some USB issues - Yipee!!

Geoff Saulnier - Mac, *NIX, perl, hack!!
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10.0.4 resolves (some?) USB issues | 5 comments | Create New Account
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My opinion on Logitech mice
Authored by: eagle_eyes on Jun 26, '01 10:59:30PM

with OS 9 I love it, works well and I love the scroll and extra buttons (I have 2 different ones one for on the road and one for at home) However it OS X it is an irritation. I spent good money on these stupid things and Logitech is to lazy to write full driver support for them in X. What is there problem.... Kensington did it!!!!!!! It can't be that hard. If anyone finds a driver or hack for logitech mice for os X I hope they post it!!!!!!!

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Authored by: kidred on Jun 28, '01 11:15:23PM

10.0.4 Fixed my 2nd button mouse but not my scroll wheel in Classic. Also, my cam and Sandisk reader don't work in X.

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usb-some...but not Intellimouse
Authored by: edljedi on Jun 29, '01 01:55:56AM

Um...the problem you were having I'm now having since I've upgraded to 10.0.4. I'm using a Microsoft Intellimouse though.

Go figure. One step forward. One step back.

I had been poking around and using the top command, I found that when the mouse would "freeze", I would end up with at least one process that was "stuck". Don't know which process yet but it's a start.

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usb-some...but not Intellimouse
Authored by: on Jul 02, '01 02:41:46AM

I also have a Microsoft USB Intellimouse, which I bought purely for the sake of playing Diablo II. (Naugthy little me...) Even under Mac OS 9.0.4 and 9.1 it was not easy to get to work properly. And when I upgraded to Mac OS X, it just went dead - well, sort of.

For the sake of experiamentation, I moved it form the keyboard to my USB hub - along with othe rUSB periferals that did't work under OS X - and I just left it there, using the Apple Pro Mouse with the keyboard.

Imagine my surprise - and delight - when a visiting friend - seeing the Intellimouse first - just went ahead and used this - without a hitch! I'm not certain why it suddenly works, but I'm not complainig! (By this time, I had upgraded to 10.0.3 - and it still works under 10.0.4!) So, my suggestion is: If you have a USB hub, and your Intellimouse was connected to your keyboard, try moving it. I'd like to know whether that works for anyone else. It's just weird...


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Ahhh, rats!!!
Authored by: geoffsaulnier on Jul 05, '01 02:21:43PM

Problem came back. Mouse froze twice last night on leaving machine unattended. Stupid mouse. I don't think I'll be participating in the longest uptime thread!

Must try the hub trick - at the moment, I am using a beige G3 minitower with a 4-port USB card - USB mouse, modem, visor hot-sync and printer but an ADB keyboard. All works like a charm except the darn mouse!

Geoff Saulnier - Mac, *NIX, perl, hack!!

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