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10.0.4 update released System
Check your Software Update panel - it's out there! This is from the Read Me:

"The 10.0.4 Update delivers a significant number of improvements for USB devices including additional external device support for iTunes CD burning, improved battery life for many PowerBook G3 systems, and Classic compatibility improvements. This update also provides the latest security updates to OpenSSH and 'sudo' services and includes support for Apple's newest digital flat-panel, the 17-inch Apple Studio Display."

The list of modified files is way too long to post here -- you can see it yourself by doing this from the terminal:
[prompt] cd /Library/Receipts/10.0.4Update.pkg/Contents/Resources
[prompt] lsbom
Don't type the [prompt], that's just my representation of your command-line prompt. This will show you all the updated files installed by the updater.

NOTE: Apple has released (for the first time!) update notes which detail exactly what was changed, in easy-to-understand language. Give them a read-through to see everything that was updated (and why!).
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10.0.4 offers no speed improvement :(
Authored by: sjonke on Jun 21, '01 07:37:38PM

Any speed improvent you find is most likely due to the optimization process and not 10.0.4 itself. I installed it both on my 366 MHz iBook (320MB) and my AGP 450 MHz G4 (512MB). There is no difference in performance. Get your disappointment out of the way now. The updates it provides are undoubtedly a good thing, but it isn't even remotely faster. Sigh. Let's hope 10.1 comes out at Mac World and brings us much needed, and very significant, speed improvements. Mind you, I still love OS X. :) Just disappointed in this update.

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10.0.4 offers no speed improvement :(
Authored by: robg on Jun 22, '01 05:09:20PM

I wouldn't have expected a speed improvement in a 0.1 incremental release. Those are usually reserved for bug fixes and adding small functionality tweaks (ie more iTunes burners).

Whatever they have cooking for speed tweaks are probably all going into the (rumored) 10.1 Macworld build. That's where they'll get the greatest "oooh!" and positive press for any improvements that they may have been able to make.


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10.0.4 offers no speed improvement :(
Authored by: MrStrat on Jun 22, '01 06:41:37PM

No visible changes noted. But I'd still be happy if my iSub worked and if I could hear the modem when it dialed out. Guess basic stuff like that isn't important.

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SSH update removes delay fix
Authored by: sriggins on Jun 21, '01 09:31:33PM

For those who solved the long delay when running SSH by editing your /etc/ssh_prng_cmds file to reverse the argument order of "arp -a -n" to "arp -n -a", make note that the 10.0.4 update to SSH apparently puts it back into the original order. You will have to reapply that fix.

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10.0.4 takes away write privs for /Applications?
Authored by: sjonke on Jun 22, '01 01:08:46PM

At least, that is what happened for me. After updating to 10.0.4 I could no longer delete, add or replace things in the /Applications folder even though I'm using an admin account. Is this a bug or a feature? If it's an additional security thing, is there a risk in giving the admin group write privileges again?

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10.0.4 takes away write privs for /Applications?
Authored by: sven on Jun 22, '01 01:35:53PM

Not for me:

drwxrwxr-x 22 root admin 704 Jun 22 19:33 Applications

Maybe something else did it previously and you only just noticed?


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Never mind
Authored by: sjonke on Jun 22, '01 03:02:01PM

Probably it was unrelated - I just checked and on my iBook I did not lose write privileges, so the write privileges thing on my G4 probably wasn't related to 10.0.4.

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10.0.4 killed my sound?
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 23, '01 09:37:35AM

I upgraded last night. Today I can't get a peep from iTunes, MPEGs, QuickTime streams.

This is NOT an improvement. Anybody know how to either:
a) go back to Apple and get 10.0.3 and install that.
b) get Apple to fix my now utterly silent OS X box.

OS 9.1.x should stil be okay but that would mean bringing my domain down. <sigh>

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10.0.4 killed my DVD drive :(
Authored by: ksk on Jun 23, '01 11:16:38AM


I use new iBook DVD one and tried to install 10.0.4 yesterday. Sleep issue was solved but my DVD drive doesn't recogninze any CD-ROM, Audio CD and DVDs. It was no problem before the update.

I'm using OS X with UFS file system, and separate OS 9 volume to the other partition. The DVD drive works fine with OS 9. What's happening on new updates!!

Does anyone encountar this issue?

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10.0.4 killed my sound?
Authored by: see on Jun 24, '01 09:30:34AM

had same problem with my pismo. restarting box didn't help but shutting it down and then starting it up again fixed it and sound is now back :)

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... and a Dock bug added
Authored by: marcelv on Jun 23, '01 01:44:30PM

With the 10.0.4 update, you can no longer drag an item to the Dock when it is configured for automaticly hiding. At least on my Ti PB G4 500. When you drag an item to the hidden Dock it doesn't show up anymore.


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... and a Dock bug added
Authored by: olly73 on Jun 24, '01 01:34:19PM

I 've got the same problem on my Pismo500. Still didn't fix the problem but I am using the Dragthing process window instead now.

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fix ssh so it uses ssh1
Authored by: see on Jun 24, '01 09:38:34AM

the 10.0.4 update makes ssh use ssh2 by default instead of ssh1, and since many people use ssh1 this might end up with problems like:

Disconnecting: Bad packet length -1483636419.

when trying to connect to a host with sshd version 1.
to fix this:
1) force ssh to use protocol 1
ssh -1 user@serverhost
2) edit /etc/ssh_config
change: "# Protocol 2,1"
to: " Protocol 1,2"
3) upgrade sshd on serverhost to version 2

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Support for more formats
Authored by: _merlin on Jun 24, '01 10:42:38PM

For me, the best enhancement in 10.0.4 is support for Enhanced Audio CDs and the CD-Extra format. I have a number of audio CDs which also contain MIDI content, lyrics, sheet music and other forms of media which did not work under previous versions of Mac OS X. All but one now work perfectly.

The only problem I have found with 10.0.4 is that it is incompatible with X-Assist, which I have become quite dependant on. Oh well, I guess all that stuff just has to go back into the dock.

Vasantha Crabb

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Support for more formats
Authored by: rtq on Jun 25, '01 05:51:25AM

Strange! OSX 10.0.4 works perfect for me - so does X-Assist.

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X-Assist still working
Authored by: jimr on Jun 27, '01 03:36:46AM

I have no problem with that menu add-on
What symptom do you have?

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Seems to have corrected itself
Authored by: _merlin on Jun 27, '01 11:04:25PM

When I first installed 10.0.4, X-Assist would run for a while, then exit without any warnings or error messages. The menu would just disappear. This annoyed me, so I just stopped restarting it. When I read the comment that others had it working, I rebooted and started X-Assist again, at it's still working now. Must've been something else causing the conflict, not the update.

Vasantha Crabb

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