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Easy and complete folder backups System
"hellmachine" posted a one-line terminal command in this MacNN forum which will copy a given directory, including all hidden files and resource forks, to a backup location:
sudo ditto -vR -rsrcFork /Users /Volumes/Backups/Users
This example would back up the Users directory to a volume named "Backups". The -rsrcFork option will handle the resource fork of the files during the copy.

I have not tested this myself, and I cannot find any documentation ("man ditto") on the -rsrcFork option. Use at your own risk, but it doesn't look too threatening, as ditto is a copy command.
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mention of -rsrcFork option
Authored by: snoozer on Jun 12, '01 10:16:23PM

Although 'man ditto' doesn't mention the -rsrcFork option, if you just enter a 'ditto' command (with no arguments), the usage message does mention it.


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mention of -rsrcFork option
Authored by: BraindeadMac on Jun 13, '01 09:57:17PM
Yes, the ditto command with -rsrcFork works very nicely. It seems to handle symbolic links as well as directory recursion and hidden file/folder structures.

On the other hand, the CpMac command chokes on HFS aliases and symbolic links. I haven't tried to make a bootable OS X disk yet using the ditto command but it seems promising.

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mention of -rsrcFork option
Authored by: hembeck on Dec 11, '01 09:17:02PM

How does command work? I've tried using this to copy my user directory over to a firewire hard drive. Instead of copying over to the firewire drive, it makes a duplicate of my user directory, inside my user directory.


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Need help
Authored by: hembeck on Dec 12, '01 11:52:17PM

Okay, so I tried this again, and now it said that it made a copy, but mot to the destination volume. I believe that it has made a copy and placed it somewhere on my HD, because because 1.5GB lighter. Problem is I haven't a clue where it could have placed it one my HD. I've tried Sherlock, but it can't find a thing either.



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Easy and complete folder backups
Authored by: comprock on Aug 25, '04 10:07:48AM
For those that want to schedule these backups, you can stick it in your /etc/crontab like so.

# back up users directory @ 9:15 every morning
15 9 * * * /usr/bin/ditto --rsrc /Users /liu/lusers

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