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OS X without the stripes System
If you don't like the horizontal stripes that OS X puts behind most things (menus, title bars, etc), there are now some "unlined" themes and an easy-to-use theme switcher for OS X. If you're interested in these, I'd suggest you grab them quickly, as Apple legal may not allow them to live very long.

To use, simply download the MetamorphX theme switcher, and then grab your choice of the unlined themes, launch MetamorphX and choose your stripeless theme.

I'm not sure if Apple will provide any 'official' themes for OS X or not, but here's a way to remove the stripes now if they bother you. Get 'em while you can!
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Didn't Know I Needed It
Authored by: friday04 on May 30, '01 02:48:13PM

I really didn't mind the new Aqua Interface but I thought this sounded cool so I tried it. I had no idea that the stripes irritated my eyes so much! Thank you so much for suggesting this. It's much better without the lines and it feels much more like the Mac I'm accustomed to.

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What is apple thinking????
Authored by: eagle_eyes on May 30, '01 10:45:35PM

Why are they being so fussy about people changing the gui??? We could do it with the other OS's, granted I do not ussually use a different theme, but it would be nice to do so if I desired!!!

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What is apple thinking????
Authored by: Anonymous on May 30, '01 11:59:38PM

Well, if you're prone to conspiracy theories, there's one that was posted about on MacSlash that posited that Apple (read: Jobs) has come to think of their GUI as an extension of their brand image - citing similarities between then look of their close-minimize-maximize widgets in OSX and the look of the iMac, and the look of the Sherlock/Aqua brushed-metal windows and the TiBook.. Then again, one of the comments to the story was "Gee, you just pulled a large and rigid conspiracy theory out of you a**." It does seem a little specious, to say the least, but it does appear to be what it happening weather or not the "conspiracy theory" is true or not..

I myself find it really frightening, especially Apple's latest shinanegans with their legal goons. I wonder why they never went after Kaleidoscope, or why they don't now. Maybe they figure that if they did, public outcry would be SO great that their stock price WOULD go into the toilet (more that it has already). My personal theory is that this is a DIRECT outcome (in legal precendant terms) of the DeCSS case ruling - that Apple figures that the DeCSS case gives big corporations the right to quash any piece of software they don't like ("What? I didn't hear that - did someone at the back of the room say 'first amendment'? Is that *you* Orwell?"). Actually, our (US) patent system is such a joke in some areas (my humble opinion [MHO]) that it already allowed it, but the DeCSS case just showed us all that our courts are willing to enforce such nonsense (again, MHO).

Plus, UCITA has been passed in a couple of states, which (apparently) gives legal force to the EULA that says 'no reverse engineering' - and that IS what led to Theminator. Of course, the *spirit* of the 'law' about reverse engineering is that it is to protect against one person's ('entity's'? - a corporation isn't a person, many US laws to the contrary..) code from being used to COMPETE against them. Theminator isn't really competing against Apple (it's not Windows..), unless you believe the above conspiracy theory..

Jim Witte

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