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Installing a newer SSH2 Internet
[Editor's note: Although Mac OS X includes SSH2, there is a newer version with some improvements - the most notable of which is the removal of the connection delay that you get with the current version. Here's a how-to from a macosxhints reader for the newest version. I have not tested this myself as of yet, but I'd expect it to work as described]

Installing SSH2 on OSX is relatively simple. The step-by-step I got partly from the 2.4.0 version of SSH README and in great part from If you'd like the full step-by-step instructions, read the rest of this article...

First download the latest version from

You will then need to launch the terminal and change directory to where you downloaded the tarball. From within the terminal do the following simple steps (lines with "#" at the front are comments; do not type them):
tar -zxf
cd ssh-2.4.0
./configure --without-x
# You need to be root to do the final step
# I am running bash on my OS X, I have heard you might need
# to export $PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin to work in other shells.
make install
Then you will need to setup the autostartup files (this is what i got from

Made a copy of the Apache startup entry:
cd /System/Library/StartupItems
cp -R Apache SSH
cd SSH
mv Apache SSH
Next, change the files inside the SSH directory to work with SSH rather than Apache (this has no effect on Apache, since we're working with a fresh copy of the directory). Here's what my files look like:

# Start Secure Shell daemon
. /etc/rc.common
if [ "${SSHD:=-NO-}" = "-YES-" ]; then
ConsoleMessage "Starting secure shell daemon"
Description = "SSH secure shell daemon";
Provides = ("Secure shell service");
Requires = ("Disks", "Resolver");
OrderPreference = "None";
Messages =
start = "Starting secure shell daemon";
stop = "Stopping secure shell daemon";
Be sure to change the text strings to something like this
Starting secure shell daemon
Starting secure shell
If you are using a different language you will need to edit the file in the appropriate directory (where I used English.lproj). The 'key' should match the 'start' line in StartupParameters.plist, and the 'string' should be that string translated into your language.

Next, add the line:
to the end of /etc/hostconfig. You'll notice there's an option in there for SSHSERVER, but it doesn't seem to do anything. It doesn't look like SSH server binaries come with the install anymore.

Please note that SSH2 server is not yet running. You can either restart your machine or invoke the daemon from the terminal with
Restarting your machine will ensure that your settings work properly however.

I discovered that since I already had SSH1 installed, and it had binded itself to port 22, I needed to kill it first in order to get SSH2 working. I did this by finding the pid of the process with either top or with ps ax and then killed the process with kill -HUP {pid#}.

This is by no means definitive guide to installing SSH2, but it did work well for me.
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SSH Version
Authored by: UNSpacy on May 29, '01 10:43:39AM's Softtrak has a link to Scott Anguish's precompiled SSH binaries. They are version 2.9p1 not 2.4.0. Upgrading to 2.4.0 could still leave possible holes open to the rest of the world. Best advise is to just use Scott's stuff.

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SSH Version
Authored by: outofcontrol on May 29, '01 12:47:49PM
The instructions I gave here are to install SSH version 2.4.0 and not OpenSSH as defined by UNSpacy. SSH is the commercial version of the secure shell from of which they have a non commercial version. Version 2.4.0 is the latest stable release and IS safe to use.

I have read various comments from people that say they have had troubles with OpenSSH on their OS X system. I don't know if this is correct or not, but I did not want to take chances.

I also do not know if the OpenSSH version will remedy the delay experienced when using SSH on the OS X platform.

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Authored by: slord on May 29, '01 01:40:47PM

Thanks Plattapuss! Just followed your instructions and it works perfectly. Took about 7 minutes (compiling was slow on my piddly G4 350).

I previously had OpenSSH 2.5.2 and it was dog slow logging into any server. I was VERY impressed with how quickly I gained access to servers after installing the SSH 2.4.0, no more delays. Awesome, I feel like I can breath now.

Thanks again.

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