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Disable ATI extensions for better perfomance Classic
This is something I saw somewhere else but cannot remember where.

If you disable all of the ATI extensions in Classic (which aren't needed if you're running OS X) then you seem to get better performance in some Classic applications.

[Editor's note: As an expansion of this theory, there's a bunch of stuff that I've disabled in Classic - nearly everything, in fact. I basically installed just the base OS with networking, and nothing else. Then I installed (running the "Classic" 9.1 natively) all my apps that put bits into the system folder (Office98, goLive, etc.). Then I restarted into X and set my lean OS 9.1 as my Classic volume. You can definitely improve performance and decrease loading time by thinning your Classic system -- which is another argument for having your "real" OS 9.1 on another partition, so you don't have to mess around with extension sets.]

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Rename System Folder
Authored by: CyberGreg on May 16, '01 01:18:47PM

Just wanted to comment that changing your Base OS 9.1 System Folder's name
to something other than System Folder (OS9.1 works for me) will
accomplish the same thing.

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You can also...
Authored by: vgz on May 16, '01 02:55:01PM

Install OS 9.1 as a base install and disable everything you don't need for Classic and then do a clean install of 9.1 over that for use as OS 9. I did this on my aunt's computer since she only has 1 HD. Rename the Previous System Folder to Classic or something similar.

This works great if you only have 1 HD and 1 partition.


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more a question than a hint...
Authored by: kr15t1n on May 17, '01 10:04:16AM

ok, here's a question about having multiple classic system folders. i'm a graphic designer so i'm constantly running OSX & Classic [for photoshop, illustrator, quark, etc.] together and would love to be able to slim down classic if possible. but, if i create a second "slim" version without all the extension, will photoshop and other apps w/ extension in my system folder not run properly?

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Here's how I did it...
Authored by: robg on May 17, '01 11:00:45AM

Install the 'stripped' OS 9.1. Boot into the stripped OS 9.1. Run the installers for Office98, Photoshop, GoLive, and whatever else you intend to use in Classic. Then reboot into OS X and you should be good to go. You now have a stripped Classic with the bits you need for the apps you use.

Slightly more tricky is to create aliases of folders that certain apps (ie Eudora) keep in the System folder, so you don't have to worry about having two sets of email, or two sets of settings files for Office, etc.


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a related Apple tech note
Authored by: Anonymous on May 17, '01 03:22:51PM
Apple recently put out a tech note called "Mac OS X 10.x: Using Mac OS 9 Control Panels in Classic Environment". It might help a bit, it might not.

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