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Adaptec beta drivers and disk space System
I noticed on MacFixIt today that someone commented on the system.log file getting filled with data from the Adaptec SCSI drivers. So I took a look at system.log in the /var/log directory, and was surprised at what I saw:
May 15 10:01:41 mach_kernel: ADPT_OSI_IndicateQueueFrozen: id 4, freeze
May 15 10:01:41 mach_kernel: ADPT_OSI_IndicateGenerationChange (nop)
May 15 10:01:41 mach_kernel: ADPT_OSI_IndicateQueueFrozen: id 4, unfreeze
May 15 10:01:42 mach_kernel: ADPT_OSI_IndicateQueueFrozen: id 4, freeze
May 15 10:01:42 mach_kernel: ADPT_OSI_IndicateGenerationChange (nop)
May 15 10:01:42 mach_kernel: ADPT_OSI_IndicateQueueFrozen: id 4, unfreeze
As you can see, all those messages were written in the span of two seconds. My system.log file was over 5.5mb in size, and the system had backed up about six previous logs, all over 2mb in size. You can see these in the list as system.log.0.gz, system.log.1.gz, etc.

I deleted the backup log files, and will remove the drivers later tonight (see the Adaptec ReadMe for instructions on how to do so).

So if you've noticed some vanishing drive space, and have the Adaptec drivers installed, check your log files!
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'backup' log files
Authored by: robh on May 15, '01 06:14:21PM

Just in case it isn't obvious, the old logfiles that Rob mentioned don't stay around forever. Over time the system will discard older logs. Looking at the datestamps in mine, OSX keeps system.log files for about 1 week before removing them.

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'backup' log files
Authored by: steve_kovs on May 16, '01 04:21:17AM

That part of the beta debug code, I know this because I asked the same question of Adaptec. It will be there until the code goes final. It can be generated by any number of situation (I had a Zip attached with no disk inserted).

This isn't an issue..

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Somewhat of an issue...
Authored by: robg on May 16, '01 09:16:32AM

Well, it's not an issue unless you have a bit of a worry about hard drive space and don't leave your Mac on overnite. My log file yesterday grew to just over 18mb in size; after the nightly maintenance run, the gzipped version is "only" 5.5mb. Still, with seven of those on the hard drive, that's 35mb. I'm not sure what the situation would be if you turn your Mac off at night; then, there's no chance for the system to compress the log file.

Just a heads-up more than anything; I'm sure it will be fixed when they go final, but it is a bit of a disk-space eater right now!


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