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Navigating the Finder old-school style... Desktop
Anyone remember the good ole way of navigating from the current open window with the arrow keys? If not, don't worry I will explain. If you do remember, OS X allows the same navigation, no need to read on.. just happy arrowing.

[Editor's note - read the rest of the article for one take on browsing the new finder using arrow keys and modifiers to great effect; there's some stuff in here that I'd never even thought to try before!]

Here goes! Navigating the Finder in the new OS X interface can get a little messy, especially now with the everything opens in one consistent window and you have a back button, much like an internet browser. This is cool, don't get me wrong, but I have still found the fastest and easiest way, for me, is still using the arrow keys.

This is also especially good if you open a folder in your dock and you want to go UP one folder... and the only thing you can think to do is go back from the root folder and dig from there. Simply all you need to know is command-up and command-down. With the arrow keys you can jump through the files in the finder window... once you have the one you want to open, be it a folder or document, just hit command-down and it will open it. If you are in a folder that you want to go UP one folder from, press command-up and there you go into the folder that contains the folder where you just were.

If you want to get REALLY fancy... you can add option in there. So now if you press command-option-up it would close the current window, and open the folder that contained the folder where you were.

Another useful thing to do is if you have multiple drives, or a zip disk and a CD-ROM mounted... you can use command-right and command-left to jump to them, much like the command-up and command-down, although I have only ever used the command-left & right in the save/open dialogs.

That is all I can teach you for navigation using the arrows. Hope you are now even more efficient from this.
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Quick follow-up
Authored by: MiniD on May 11, '01 10:38:38AM
Almost forgot something... if you are in a listed window... the command-left & right keys expand and detract the list arrow thingy.

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more stuff...
Authored by: Anonymous on May 11, '01 07:32:19PM

In Column View, navigation is also quite trivial to learn but mastery brings great benefits.

Use left and right arrow keys to move one level up or down (respectively) in the filesystem, and use up and down arrow keys to move within a certain level. Tab and Shift-Tab toggle through the active columns forwards and backwards respectively.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no way of accessing the toolbar through the keyboard.

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more stuff...
Authored by: brodie on May 12, '01 07:06:59PM

with refards to the first article, you dont need to command + arrow, if you're in multiple windows view (the verticle lined box) you can just use the arrows and also letters, ie fpr application folder just type ap or a, you can type up to three letters to marginilise you're selection.

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