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10.0.3 update is out... System
Check your software update panel ... I just installed it, and I'll post back details after I restart!

OK, here are the details. The modified files list seems to indicate that there have been changes to the BSD kernel, ADB I/O, CD storage, DVD storage, graphics I/O, networking, PCI, and a number of other areas. I've posted the whole list in the remainder of the article, in case you'd like to see it (it's not too long).

As for the operational changes, I can't say that it feels much different, but I'll have more to say after I get a chance to re-run my benchmark suite this evening. Apparently it squelches one bug in the Finder dealing with folders with large numbers of items. If you had over some relatively small number (600ish) in one folder, all the Finder would show was 539. They'd be there (you could see them in FTP or the terminal), but the Finder wouldn't work with them.

The following files are included in the update:

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Authored by: babbage on May 09, '01 06:36:46PM

It wasn't out as of 5:30 today, now (an hour later) it is. Fast call there, Rob -- nice.

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Got lucky :-)
Authored by: robg on May 09, '01 07:05:10PM

Rebooted my work machine into OS X just as it came online, I guess ;-).


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pb g4/400 works fine
Authored by: captain_smarts on May 10, '01 08:48:12AM

i updated last night on my Ti 400/256MB.
things are faster, load times for apps are alot better.
aqua is still not optimized, but that will change soon.

all settings were preserved, tinkertool, etc, no breaks.

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Broke my computer!?!?
Authored by: babbage on May 10, '01 10:50:20AM
I'm running OSX on an old iMac (g3/233, 160 mb ram, 4 gig hd). Before running the update I had approx. 500 of free disc space, now both my finder and my terminal are telling that I don't have any. What the hell? Check it out:
/Users/chris% df
Filesystem             512-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/disk0s5              8417312  8417312        0   100%    /
devfs                          59       59        0   100%    /dev
fdesc                           2        2        0   100%    /dev
<volfs>                      1024     1024        0   100%    /.vol
/dev/disk1                 591477   591477        0   100%    /Volumes/Audio CD
automount -fstab [214]          0        0        0   100%    /Network/Servers
/Users/chris% [remove some recent installs, such as the Python language]
/usr/local% df
Filesystem             512-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/disk0s5              8417312  8417312        0   100%    /
devfs                          59       59        0   100%    /dev
fdesc                           2        2        0   100%    /dev
<volfs>                      1024     1024        0   100%    /.vol
/dev/disk1                 591477   591477        0   100%    /Volumes/Audio CD
automount -fstab [214]          0        0        0   100%    /Network/Servers

Note that the space doesn't seem like what it should be for a 4 gig drive, and in any event it doesn't change at all after deleting things -- I removed around 20 mb of stuff to see if I could sort things out, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Oh and this is cute. Trying to remember the "human readable" flag for `df`, I try the man page. Here's what I get:

/usr/local% man df
man: Formatting manual page...
grotty::940:fatal error: output error

Gah! What does that mean?

Don't run this update yet! I'm not sure what's wrong here (the Python install I was running may also be suspect here), but something seems to have hosed my computer. Is anyone else noticing any negative impact of this update or is it (hopefully) just me?

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Broke my computer!?!?
Authored by: babbage on May 10, '01 11:22:49AM
Welp, I rebooted and things are ...marginally better. The man pages work again, and I seem to have reclaimed some (but not all) of my disc space:
11:11:06am :chris% df
Filesystem             512-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/disk0s5              8417312  7176080  1241232    85%    /
devfs                          59       59        0   100%    /dev
fdesc                           2        2        0   100%    /dev
<volfs>                      1024     1024        0   100%    /.vol
/dev/disk1                 591477   591477        0   100%    /Volumes/Audio CD
automount -fstab [214]          0        0        0   100%    /Network/Servers
11:11:09am :chris% df -k
Filesystem             1K-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/disk0s5             4208656  3588040   620616    85%    /
devfs                         29       29        0   100%    /dev
fdesc                          1        1        0   100%    /dev
<volfs>                      512      512        0   100%    /.vol
/dev/disk1                295738   295738        0   100%    /Volumes/Audio CD
automount -fstab [214]         0        0        0   100%    /Network/Servers
11:11:12am :chris%

On the other hand, I seem to have lost a lot of my settings. Upon reboot, the dock was filled with all the default install icons that I'd removed (mail, sherlock, display settings docklet, quicktime, help, and over on the right the URL to & the "late breaking news" help file). Additionally, dock preferences have been forgotten, the "genie" minimize effect is back on, setiathome isn't running, mysql isn't running, apache isn't running... you get the idea.

It looks like I'm going to have to reset most of my custom settings. I have no idea why they got trampled in the first place, but I guess that doesn't matter at this point. The finder is now telling me that I've got 600+mb free again (*phew*), and aside from all these glitches, it *does* seem to be running faster. That counts for something, anyway.

Still, if anyone else has had any problems related to this update, I'd still love to hear about them. This is driving me nuts...

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Broke my computer!?!?
Authored by: babbage on May 10, '01 03:14:18PM

Aaaaaaand now it's doing it again. What the hell? After running for about, oh, four hours
or so, it's now complaining again about no available disc space. Same as above -- 8,417,312
blocks on disc, 8,417,312 used. The computer has been sitting mostly idle -- I've just been
using telnet & ssh onto machines elsewhere, and am not doing much "work" locally. Certainly
I didn't install 600 mb worth of crap today.

My best guess at the moment is swap space. Last week I upgraded from 64mb -> 160mb. On a
Linux systems, you typically set up a swap partition that's roughly double your ram size. I
understand that *BSD doesn't enforce multiple partitions like Linux, but rather allocates
space as it sees fit within one big partition, including using whatever swap space it needs
(presumably, still double the ram size). Given that OSX is BSD based, I'm assuming it must
be generating an increasingly big swap file as it runs for longer & longer. The report this
morning was preceded by the computer running overnight, so there may be something to this.
With a swap file two or three times bigger than ram, that would be enough to account for the
500 mb hole I'm seeing here.

So, if it *is* the swap file, where is it and how might I regulate it? Is that something a
regular user can even control? Where should I look? On the other hand, if it isn't the swap
file, then what *is* it? This is a pain in the butt...

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Broke my computer!?!?
Authored by: babbage on May 10, '01 03:28:56PM
A ha! Meant to check `top` before posting that, but forgot. Check this out:

3:22:21pm :chris% top -u

Processes: 50 total, 6 running, 44 sleeping... 103 threads 15:22:30
Load Avg: 3.50, 3.63, 3.63 CPU usage: 50.5% user, 49.5% sys, 0.0% idle
SharedLibs: num = 99, resident = 14.0M code, 964K data, 3.11M LinkEdit
MemRegions: num = 3501, resident = 27.4M + 3.30M private, 30.6M shared
PhysMem: 23.1M wired, 66.2M active, 51.4M inactive, 141M used, 19.3M free
VM: 609M + 43.8M 28507(0) pageins, 5395(0) pageouts

424 setiathome 21.5% 60:52.09 1 23 251 1.24M 13.1M 14.0M 17.1M
378 loginwindo 20.1% 44:55.46 3 105 74 812K 1.53M 1.58M 22.5M
338 tcsh 20.1% 42:51.78 1 17 16 400K 504K 688K 5.63M
434 setiathome 19.6% 42:10.13 1 24 14 92K 320K 388K 1.64M
579 top 11.6% 0:01.07 1 19 14 212K 240K 436K 1.31M
391 CPU Monito 4.6% 7:22.79 1 65 50 956K 1.87M 1.85M 31.4M
377 Window Man 1.4% 5:25.97 2 179 145 5.68M 8.68M 10.5M 22.9M
0 kernel_tas 0.4% 4:02.47 21 0 - - - 15.2M 122M
408 iTunes 0.0% 1:48.99 6 133 142 488K 2.83M 1.11M 45.8M
409 System Pre 0.0% 1:22.12 6 175 585 5.14M 7.08M 6.55M 60.9M
384 Finder 0.0% 0:30.58 3 88 312 7.04M 8.05M 7.89M 53.7M
389 Terminal 0.0% 0:19.01 3 73 59 1.11M 2.32M 2.78M 32.8M
52 ATSServer 0.0% 0:09.32 1 40 49 516K 1.74M 1.41M 21.2M
385 Dock 0.0% 0:09.24 3 125 105 2.30M 2.49M 3.24M 34.5M
2 mach_init 0.0% 0:05.45 1 137 14 44K 216K 72K 1.25M
383 pbs 0.0% 0:05.44 3 113 69 752K 524K 1.12M 15.9M
56 update 0.0% 0:04.58 1 9 13 16K 200K 36K 1.22M
168 lookupd 0.0% 0:03.27 2 28 21 212K 348K 400K 2.36M
177 ntpd 0.0% 0:03.21 1 10 16 60K 260K 144K 1.49M
108 configd 0.0% 0:02.11 4 65 91 232K 332K 412K 3.20M
38 kextd 0.0% 0:01.84 2 17 72 0K 196K 0K 2.77M
87 autodiskmo 0.0% 0:01.24 2 42 16 60K 248K 124K 1.95M
161 netinfod 0.0% 0:01.30 1 16 15 172K 284K 292K 1.59M
222 httpd 0.0% 0:01.89 1 10 231 16K 216K 60K 3.36M
387 DocklingSe 0.0% 0:01.07 1 56 31 272K 1.37M 544K 14.4M
411 DisplaySer 0.0% 0:01.32 2 52 41 436K 712K 364K 8.48M
428 writeconfi 0.0% 0:01.65 2 30 19 256K 196K 464K 1.89M
430 SpeechFeed 0.0% 0:01.82 2 66 67 1.16M 1.70M 1.81M 31.9M
59 dynamic_pa 0.0% 0:00.05 1 10 15 20K 204K 36K 1.24M
1 init 0.0% 0:00.13 1 20 12 28K 208K 56K 1.23M
117 ipconfigd 0.0% 0:00.07 2 19 17 0K 196K 0K 1.42M
153 syslogd 0.0% 0:00.36 1 9 13 44K 208K 76K 1.23M
157 portmap 0.0% 0:00.05 1 9 13 28K 208K 48K 1.22M

3:22:33pm :chris%

Check out that sixth line, in bold: 609mb of virtual memory, apparently including 160 of
actual memory and ...about 450 on disc. That might explains a lot of this problem.

So the next question is, was the increase in ram to blame (an additional 128 mb last week),
or did this update mangle the way virtual memory is handled, or is it some third issue?

Help! Please!

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Broke my computer!?!?
Authored by: Soda on May 10, '01 11:55:32AM

you were running another app at the same time? ouch!

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Broke my computer!?!?
Authored by: babbage on May 10, '01 12:14:45PM

Hey, OS X is supposed to be modern, right? Protected memory, multitasking, threaded, etc.
I don't think it's unreasonable to ask this system to do more than one thing at a time. Hell,
run a "ps aux" at any given time and you're going to have at least a couple dozen processes
running anyway, including various daemons, the windowing system, the kernel, etc. Maybe it
is still bad to do more than one major process at a time, but I thought & still think that a lot of
the reason for moving to a Unix basis in the first place was that it allows you to do this
sort of thing. This is how I (& thousands of others, I think) use *nix boxes all the time, and
I *like* that OSX gives me the same power. It's a waste of a perfectly good computer to have
to sit & stare at it while it's running some long process -- why not do something else in the
foreground while it's doing some maintainence work in the background? Am I wrong to
think that OSX has finally caught up to the 1970s with this sort of capability?

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Broke my computer!?!?
Authored by: vgz on May 10, '01 01:46:13PM

I was listening to iTunes, surfing in OmniWeb, checking my mail, running the dnetc client in a terminal and converting a divx file to 3ivx under classic. All of this while running software update and installing the update. I have had no problems with my system.

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Broke my computer!?!?
Authored by: brodie on May 10, '01 03:07:42PM

i installed it last night too, everything ran fine until i started from 9.1 and boom!! "the Mac HD disk is not readable , do you want to initialise it?" jeez, lucky i had norton to clean it up, around 11 major errors and several dozen minor ones. im still not sure if its smooth. what the hell happened? what if 9.1 had only been on that partition and i didn't have Norton? i'd be up the creek...

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Broke my computer!?!? me too
Authored by: Neville Smythe on May 11, '01 01:57:40AM

10.0.3 appears to have messed up my Classic system too. No problems until tried to boot from the Classic 9.1 system on my OS X partition - no fonts, no extensions or control panels, when shutdown it warned there was no longer a valid System folder; on rebooting into OS X, the Classic System Preference no longer recognised the system 9 on the OS X partition. Fortunately I keep a separate OS 9 partition (which I try to keep immune from the OS X side, but how I wish OS X wouldn't want to keep launching Classic from that partition every now and then!)

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10.0.3 update broke my music!
Authored by: Anonymous on May 11, '01 02:44:05PM

the upgrade seems to have broken itunes for me! it won't play any of my mp3s. I'll have a go at deleting itunes and re-downloading it.

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10.0.3 update broke other stuff too
Authored by: Anonymous on May 11, '01 02:52:19PM

uh-oh. it looks like Disk Copy is borked too so I can't replace itunes. Aii-eeeee!

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ASM weirdness
Authored by: j-beda on May 11, '01 03:06:11PM
The only thing I have noticed is that the copy of ASM I have set to auto launch shows up in the dock, rather than being an invisible background application. If I quit it and relaunch it, it works invisibly.

Maybe there is an update available?

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