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Use an unsupported burner in iTunes Apps
(this trick has been around for OS 9.1 before, but I adapted it for OS X)

If you have a CD burner similar to one supported by Apple (for instance a MATSHITA CD-RW CW-7585 which is the same as the CD-RW CW-7586, apart from the maximum cache RAM), it's very easy to have it seen by iTunes 1.1.1.

First log in as root. Then go to:

[Editor: Broken onto two lines for narrower width; enter as one path]

and find the plugin for you CD burner maker (here "MatshitaCDR.device-plugin"). Make a copy of the file for safety. Then open the file with an hex editor and locate the string with the supported CD burner ID (here "CD-RW CW-7586"). Change it for your CD burner ID ("CD-RW CW-7585"). Save the file. Reboot and you're done!

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How about unsupported MP3 players?
Authored by: Elander on May 07, '01 03:19:32AM

This is ok, I have another problem however: as a proud(?) owner of a Philips Rush player, I would like to use my Mac to upload music to such a device.

The only way to do it now is via a Windows PC (not even VPC 4 will do, I've tried it, it doesn't work, and Connectix is on it). I'd really love to be able to use iTunes or SoundJam in OS X instead.

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How about unsupported MP3 players?
Authored by: zed on Feb 23, '03 12:18:39PM

Did you ever manage to find out support for the Philips Rush, I have one too and would love to be able to use it on the Mac with itunes..

I did contact Philips and ask them about it but they said that they had no plans to release drivers for it, so I guess it's up to a third party to port..


---Zed :cool:


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Mitsumi CR-4804TU
Authored by: Egil Hatleskog on May 07, '01 10:16:51AM

Has anyone managed to get this USB CD-RW drive working with iTunes?
I know the Mitsumi CR-4804TE works (or is supposed to work)

But my main problem is that When I open the "Apple System Profiler" app my CD-RW drive does not show any info about itself; It just tells me I have a Mitsumi drive connected

MITSUMI Electric Co.,Ltd.
Product ID: 0($0)
Vendor: Vendor 0
Drive Version: Not Availiable
Drive Name: Not Availiable
Power (mA): Not Availiable
Release Number: 80.0
Serial Number:

In OS 9.1 it shows me the correct info.

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Mitsumi CR-4804TU
Authored by: Dave Auld on May 07, '01 10:11:39PM

I have the exact same burner. And it will not show up in itunes so if I want to burn a disk i must boot up in 9.1
All it says in system profiler is Que! USB Drive

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Mitsumi CR-4804TU
Authored by: TomashL on May 22, '02 03:45:25PM
Look for QPS Que USB CD-RW Driver on

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Toshiba SD-R1002 DVD/CDRW Combo
Authored by: Iceberg on May 07, '01 06:43:31PM
The trick will work for this drive as well (modify the ToshibaCDR.device-plugin file by changing R2002 for R1002) but you'll need to change TOSHIBA to Toshiba, or it won't get recognized.

I didn't need to reboot to effect this change; I just restarted iTunes.

- Aleks

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Yamaha CRW4416S
Authored by: gwyd on May 07, '01 08:44:00PM

This does not appear to work with this drive. Anyone have a suggestion? I added the "S" to the CRW4416 entry, launched itunes, and the preferences screen would cause iTunes to crash.


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Yamaha CRW4416S
Authored by: Iceberg on May 07, '01 11:39:44PM

It crashed probably because adding an 'S' changed the length of the string, and thus changed the structure of the plugin file.

- Aleks

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Freecom Traveller CD-RW Model 2000 (USB)
Authored by: stefan on May 09, '01 09:16:47AM

Does anybody know how to get this working with iTunes1.1.1.under X? It is not supported although it is exactly the same as the Ricoh CD-RW 8040A which is supported. Any tricks that don't expect me to be a professional? Thanks a lot!

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Mitsumi CR-4804TE
Authored by: transistor on Jul 15, '01 11:32:59PM

I followed the instructions, but I found that the Mitsumi CR-4804TE (Que! USB QPS-525) is supposed to be supported (inside the plug in) but I can't make it work. Everytime I open iTunes and check the preferences: "No CD Burner detected".
This is an Indigo iBook with OS X 10.0.4, although I missed the 10.0.2 upgrade... do you think that's why or is it really not supported?
If that's the problem, then it's a bad one because I can't find the 10.0.2 upgrade in the Apple webiste.

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CDRW drive in Beige G3
Authored by: TonyB1 on Nov 01, '01 01:13:41PM

What about replacing the internal ide cd drom drive with an internal ide cdrw drive. I've tried it with an old hp and it seemed to work fine. Any other ideas or drive recommendations?
Thanks, Tony

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Use an unsupported burner in iTunes (Iomega?)
Authored by: tomgreen33 on Mar 21, '03 07:00:20PM

I came across this topic and wondered if someone knew if it would apply to me as well. I have an Iomega USB 2 16x10x40 CD-RW drive and it works fine with Toast, but isn't recognized by iTunes. I'm running Mac OSX 10.2.3 with a 400 MHz PowerPC G3 processor. I haven't looked lately to see if there is a driver or something that might help. Otherwise what would I have to do to it so it is supported? (It seems like when I was running on 9.x on a beige G3 and had a USB 2 card installed, I was able to burn with iTunes. But after using Hotburn and Roxio sortly after, I wasn't able to use iTunes to burn. Likely due to extension difficulties.) So hopefully someone can help me and the solution won't potentially screw anything up. Thanks a lot.

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Use an unsupported burner in iTunes (Iomega?)
Authored by: MrMur on Jul 30, '03 05:53:14PM

I was told that the Iomega 16x10x40 was not supported by OSX, even though the manual say it is by OSX natural drivers.

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