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Audio CDs not recognized on 10.0.2 System
I've had three separate people report the same problem with Audio CD's following the 10.0.2 and iTunes update. Here's a typical story:

"I just encountered a very strange problem. I inserted an audio cd in my drive under OSX and got a dialog box that said "this disc conatins data unrecognized by OSX" and gave me 3 options...eject (default), initialize and continue.

eject is obvious.
continue makes the cd inacessable (although the tracks show up in the Audio CD player dockling, but it will not play nor eject)
initialize has virtually the same affect as continue only the songs don't appear in the dockling "

If anyone can shed light on this (somewhat widespread?) problem, I'm sure there a number of users who would be quite grateful. My machine has continued to work just fine, so I can't add any personal experience to this issue...
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Other removable media?
Authored by: Anonymous on May 03, '01 03:21:53PM

Are you able to mount any other removable media, such as non music CDs? It may be a problem with a the automount daemon (daemon = background application).

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Perhaps cddafs has died?
Authored by: Anonymous on May 03, '01 06:54:15PM

cddafs.fs is the Filesystem bundle that knows how to read Audio CDs. Perhaps it got messed up. Check its modification date, and see if it's more recent than your latest system update. It shouldn't have been changed, but it might have.

I don't know what you could do if it IS messed up...

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Perhaps cddafs has died?
Authored by: Anonymous on May 03, '01 07:07:13PM

if the cddafs file is messed up, you could replace it with a copy. "A copy from where?" you ask. Good question. I had to perform a similar such manuver and installed X on to another drive i had.

Personally, I beleive if there is a Norton Utilities specifically for X, it will scan your drive to make sure that all these files your system is dependant on are in the right place, not corrupt, and with the right privs. I know running this would make me feel better about my system.

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Perhaps cddafs has died?
Authored by: nittany4 on May 05, '01 08:06:25AM

just replaced cddafs.fs with a copy from the OSX install cd and restarted...same problem

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Perhaps cddafs has died?
Authored by: nittany4 on May 05, '01 07:57:27AM

cddafs.fs was modified "yesterday"; WELL AFTER the installation of the 10.0.2 update (although this problem started BEFORE the 10.0.2 installation)

how can I fix it? is there a bootable system folder on the install disk that I could replace it with, like OS9?

and yes I can mount other media, zips (through an external scsi drive with a bluenote pci card), application cds, data cdr, cdrw, etc...just not MUSIC!

thanks in advance for your help

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here is a fix
Authored by: cinco on May 14, '01 01:02:31AM

I found this on one of the Macnn forums... It worked for me to fix the problem with the cd as well as disk images not mounting. Thanks Urilk for finding this out... You rule!

"OK, this worked for me on three machines with 10.0.1and 10.0.2 where the known mount-problem (CDs. imgs. etc.)occured. Fire up the Terminal and change to root with "su" (howto get root password is explained somewhere here in theforum, I won't post it again). in the folder /etc in the root of the disk, edithostconfig with the command pico hostconfig at the bottom of the file, attach EXACT this line: AUTODISKMOUNT=-REMOVABLE- reboot. Worked for me on all machines Hopefully it works for you all too ulrik"

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