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OS X 10.0.2 update out System
Software Update has just given me the OS X 10.0.2 release, along with iTunes 1.1.1. I haven't had much time to use either package (it's only a lunch HOUR, unfortunately!), but here are a couple quick observations...

1) If you'd like to back up the packages before you lose them (they get deleted on restart), open a terminal and
cd /private/tmp/501
cp -R 10.0.2Update.pkg/ ~/Documents/newname
cp -R iTunes.pkg/ ~/Documents/newname2
Of course, you can use any destination and name you like, and you need to do this after the packages have installed but before you select restart in the installer.

2) iTunes now has a dockling that includes "Bring to front", "Quit", "Play", "Stop", "Pause", "Next Song", and "Previous Song" (or "Open iTunes" if it's not running). It also runs visuals full screen, and (of course) includes burning!

3) From looking through the installer files (after install, run the installer package in /Library/Receipts, proceed to the "Select Destination" step, then under the File menu, pick Show Files; quit the installer when done reading) it appears that there were updates to, the login panel, audio drivers, and a whole slew of other drivers (including possbily SCSI?).

The updates are available through the Software Update panel in OS X, and as standalone downloads from Apple.
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Not SCSI yet! Here's why
Authored by: Anonymous on May 01, '01 07:43:36PM

My Dad is working on the IOSCSIFamilyV2 and AppleMeshV2 drivers - or what's going to be a really really good SCSI implementation. Currently, it's crap, and because of weirdness in architecture, the screwed-up-edness of the SCSI drivers is making your ATA HD and ATAPI CDROM performance really suck.

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Not SCSI yet! Here's why
Authored by: Chas on May 02, '01 07:06:39AM

Well, tell your dad he better write support for ALL the SCSI cards that shipped as Apple original equipment, like the 2930CU. At the moment, if I have my SCSI CDR turned on, MacOS X 10.0.2 hangs during boot.

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iTunesv 1.1.1 and PB(Firewire) bug
Authored by: Diggory on May 02, '01 08:35:02AM

I have noticed that if the new version of iTunes is the foremost app then Command-Tabbing doesn't switch apps. This does not however happen on my G4 (PCI Graphics)

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iTunesv 1.1.1 and PB(Firewire) bug
Authored by: anly on May 04, '01 04:46:58AM

I have a FW PB G3 with OSX10.0.2 with the iTunes1.1.1, everything works fine. Weird....

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iTunesv 1.1.1 and PB(Firewire) bug
Authored by: olly73 on May 04, '01 07:53:17AM

Impossible to launch itunes 1.1.1 on my pismo500. Actually, the installation is succesful but when I try to launch it, the hard drive gets stuck (some tic noise coming out) and freeze the PB. I have already re-installed twice, and always the same problem. The other app work well.
what's going on??

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saving update packages
Authored by: Neville Smythe on May 02, '01 08:41:51AM

It is not necessary to save the update packages from Apple - they are not deleted but moved to /Library/Receipts/ on restart.

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saving update packages
Authored by: robg on May 02, '01 09:44:39AM

Actually, if you compare the file sizes, they aren't moved -- all that's put in receipts is the basic installer package, but none of the contents. Here's a summary of "du" on each package:

du /Library/Receipts/10.0.2Update.pkg ==> total = 556
du ~/Backups/Installers/1002.pkg ==> total = 15872

So the package that's in receipts is basically just the install app plus the list of installed parts...


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saving update packages
Authored by: olly73 on May 03, '01 02:38:48AM

I saved the files like it was recommended. But, I tunes it's not working. SO, How do I re-install it?

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saving update packages
Authored by: reverend on May 03, '01 02:47:58AM

Just download iTunes 1.1 from Apple.

Download link is on this page:

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saving update packages
Authored by: olly73 on May 03, '01 03:40:33AM

yes, but I have already downloaded itunes once, and saved the ressource files.
So, my question is how to reinstall it without downloading from the ineternet again.
I know that I will use the net way, but I want to know if it possible.

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Keyboard now broken in Classic
Authored by: Otter on May 02, '01 07:08:22PM

Anyone else see this?

I installed OS X for the first time today. I ran the updater a couple of times and got to 10.0.2. After the upgrade, I'm unable to use the keyboard (ADB or USB) in Classic. The mouse works, and both work in native apps. This is on a B&W G3.

Any suggestions? Thanks....

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Audio drivers
Authored by: yorran on May 03, '01 11:15:59AM

The 10.0.2 updates audio drivers, which means that I can't hear my external speakers anymore on my G3 beige.
Any clue for this problem ?

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Audio drivers
Authored by: ROBcorp on May 03, '01 02:28:37PM

I noticed similar audio problems on my Beige G3 last night. All I had to do was to unplug the external speaker from the jack in the back of the computer and then plug it back in. Sound came back on the external speakers and disappeared (as it should have) from the internal speaker.


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Audio drivers
Authored by: gourami on May 04, '01 10:18:19AM

Beige G3 here... I now have sound on all the time, whether I want it or not. If my external speakers aren't turned on the
Mac is using it's internal speaker. This came as quite a shock the first time I heard the Temple alert sound coming from
the tower that sits on the floor under my desk (while the speakers were off). This is a minor bother to someone who often
prefers to compute in silence. Looks like the Sound control panel needs some new options... or is there possibly another
way to turn off the internal speaker?

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Window redraw problems
Authored by: Anonymous on May 05, '01 11:16:59AM

Since I installed .2, Anytime I move a window, it does't redraw. It's just replaced with a big black area, with white vertial lines as I move it. Anybody experience the same and have a cure?

I also was having a problem with iTunes where it wouldn't play more than one song, but after resorting my songs by artist, it works again. Weird.

I'm dissapointed that they didn't add a remote root directory while updating Oh well, .3 will probably be out in a few weeks.

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Authored by: robg on May 07, '01 08:13:36PM

Are you running SETI? I've seen similar reports, and they seem to be caused by SETI...


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