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Run an AppleScript from the command line System
Want to run an AppleScript command real quick from Terminal? It's easy!

1. Run "osascript".
2. Type your script, for example:
tell application "Dock" to quit

launch application "Dock"
3. Type Control-D when done.

You can also supply a filename to "osascript" to run the script inside, and you can compile—but not run—script files using "osacompile".
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Use alias or full path for this to work!
Authored by: rshaw on May 06, '01 10:54:56PM

Please be aware, the above tip only works correctly if you run the "osascript" command with a full path, or from an alias. The man page states:


o osascript will not work correctly if it is found using your $PATH.
You must give the full path, i.e., /usr/bin/osascript.

You can either call the command as "/usr/bin/osascript", or create an alias in your .tcshrc file like this:

alias osascript /usr/bin/osascript

Without calling it full path or with an alias like above, you will get an error like this:

Syntax error -1750. Couldn't get error text because of error -1750.

Running it full path fixes that.

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Doing this in one fell swoop
Authored by: sjonke on May 14, '01 02:44:20PM

If you want to run an Applescript command in one fell swoop, you can pipe in output from echo. For example, to launch the OS X application OmniWeb you can type in this:

echo 'tell application "OmniWeb" to activate' | /usr/bin/osascript

I'm no Unix expert, this is just a way I've found to do it - is there a better way (other than piping in echo) to get input into a Unix utility like this?

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Running scripts remotely?
Authored by: sjonke on May 14, '01 03:52:37PM

Regarding my previous comment, never mind. Here is the right way to do it:

/usr/bin/osascript 'tell application "OmniWeb" to quit'

Anyway, is there any way to get osascript to work when logged in (ssh) remotely? When I try this, I get various errors. For example if I try to tell the Finder to quit I get the error "Finder got an error: Application isn't running. (-600)", however it clearly is running.

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Running scripts remotely?
Authored by: sahmad on Oct 12, '01 09:16:27PM

I have been having the same exact problem when trying to run applescripts using 'rsh' from a remote machine.

Any envelope perl scripts are executed correctly by Darwin. Only the osascript/applescript section fails.

I can do rsh for other commands but not osascript related stuff. Is there some sort of built-in protection?

This really limits my ability to control automation on OSX macs. We currently do such tasks on MacOS9.X machines.

Any pointers will be appreciated!

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Running scripts remotely? (yes!)
Authored by: rajiv on Nov 01, '01 03:51:36PM
if you don't need to craft the script on the command line and can put a self-running script on the mac, you can just use the 'open' command. check out Securely run remote AppleScripts for details.

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