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New 'Introduction to OS X Guide' available System
Over the weekend, I decided to take some of the more general tips from the site and combine them into a more formal document designed to help people get started with OS X. To test OS X as a truly usable OS, I decided to do the entire project with only native apps. So, using primarily AppleWorks, Graphic Converter, Grab, OmniWeb, and Preview, I created a nine-page introductory tips document for new OS X users. The general idea is to help someone understand the OS, and perhaps start using it productively more quickly than if they stumble through on their own. I cover the OS in general, the dock, the Finder including the toolbar, and a few key apps.

There's nothing in the document that hasn't been published here, except for the section covering how I use the desktop and toolbar. So if you read here regularly, you probably won't find any new information - but perhaps it will help someone you know who is just starting the transition. I didn't try to cover everything, and the UNIX-related content is intentionally kept at minimal to none. The guide is strictly targeted at the OS X user transitioning from OS 9.

To keep the load off the macosxhints server, the file is available on my homepage. It's a PDF file about 1.1mb in size, and you can find it here:

Take a look, and feel free to email me corrections, comments, or additions.
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Authored by: Soda on Apr 24, '01 10:01:42AM

My comment is no comment. As usual Rob, excellent work! Easy to read and very much to the point.
Also if I may say this site is super-we really needed this!!! Its nice to know Ilene won't come and delete us here..:o).
PS Hope all of this won't go all to your

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Authored by: Sparky on Apr 24, '01 10:44:22AM

well, as hurt as I was initially by what happened over at macfixit (and I was very tired at the time), I dont think there's any useful reason to malign Ilene or the admins over there.

Rob, great job! although my one and only hint doesnt seem to be there...grumble, grumble...

(just kidding)

Sparky (the wonderpig)

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Broken Link
Authored by: hurtle on Apr 26, '01 04:15:00PM

Clicked the link, it took me to the Apple homepage error page - something about the user not existing


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Slight suggestion for smaller screens.
Authored by: Loren on Apr 27, '01 03:07:53AM

Your guide is great. I redesigned my desktop to try some of your suggestions and really like it.

Didn't really care for the App launchers, but with my Heirarchical Favorites in the Dock, and most of my common apps in my toolbar, I am doing fine.

One other difference that worked for me is as follows. I also have 2 column-view finder windows, but the one on the top is much bigger, heightwise than the one on the bottom. I only use the bottom for destination folders, and by making it smaller, and the top window bigger, I can see more in the area I am working in without having to scroll down.

Such a design might work better for someone with limited vertical screen realestate, like on a TiBook.


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Authored by: dbhill on Apr 28, '01 01:15:57PM

Great Guide, Rob. Most helpful in migrating production to OS X.
Thanks for the guidance
... for your entire website
... for your participation in the MacFixIt forums
... for showing us the Papyrus font (do you know any history on this font?)


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Links and more tips, many Unix
Authored by: Anonymous on May 02, '01 04:42:50AM

How synergistic! My Getting X Going page:

has links to many of the things mentioned in Rob's excellent document, and a few more to other things, mostly of the Unix-y side of things (as *i* learn them). Expect more and more on GUI/shell integration...


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New 'Introduction to OS X Guide' available
Authored by: MacUser06 on May 01, '10 07:35:55AM
Your link is very broken It would have been very nice to see it though I might have some comments, because expose has really revolutionized my workflow. Best regards and keep up all your good work Tommy

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New 'Introduction to OS X Guide' available
Authored by: robg on May 01, '10 09:53:55AM

The link is dead because the guide is *nine years old* and hopelessly out of date.


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