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Prevent Classic from starting up Classic
If you don't want Classic to ever start up, Brian M. sent in an easy solution - simply move (in case you want it later) the file /System/Library/CoreServices/Classic to a new location. From the terminal, you'd just do
mv '/System/Library/CoreServices/Classic'[space]
[Replace [space] with an actual space character, and enter as one command].

Paul C. had another idea which may also work, and would put a dialog onscreen each time Classic tried to launch:
You should be able to do this by removing "Classic Support" and "Classic Support UI" from the 9.1 System Folder. You'll get asked when Classic is about to start whether you want to install certain items that Classic needs; I think if you answer "no", then Classic won't start up.
Either of these methods should prevent Classic from launching.
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easier way...
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 22, '01 11:17:08PM

in terminal...

sudo chmod a-x /System/Library/CoreServices/

this will set the executable bit of to off, which won't let it launch. You get a weird error in the finder if you try and launch a classic app, but it's just a permission denied error, which makes sense... to change it back, just do the same thing with a + instead of a -

there ya go!

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easier way...
Authored by: adyblain on Apr 23, '01 02:16:34AM

That's a good tip. I have a few partitions on a 60Gig disk, two of which have Classic system folders. One has Final Cut on it, the other all my other Classic apps. I never want Classic environment to launch from the partition with Final Cut on it. I will double boot into that when I need to. Is there a way I can stop Classic from launching from that particular disk?

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easier way (adjusted) ...
Authored by: Brad Puett on May 16, '01 02:51:44PM

For those of us that like to "copy & paste" these hints, instead of retyping them, here' s the samee command, with 2 minor adjustment:s (still using terminal ... )

sudo chmod a-x '/System/Library/CoreServices/Classic'

[All I did was add a space between "Classic" and "Startup" (that's the way my app is named), which required me to add single quotes on both sides of the path/app name]

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