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Log detailed information on crashes System
While trying to help me debug a glitch on my particular DragThing installation, James Thompson pointed out a nifty little tool built into OS X but not enabled by default. The tool is called "Crash Reporter," and it's quite easy to enable.

Open a terminal session, navigate to /etc, and edit (in vi, emacs, or pico) hostconfig. Add a new line (at the end, if you wish) that reads
Save the changes and exit the editor. On your next reboot, the Crash Reporter will be active. To make it work immediately, type
sudo /System/Library/StartupItems/CrashReporter/CrashReporter
in the terminal window [Note: I haven't tried this myself, and a posted comment seems to indicate that it doesn't work; a reboot may well be required.]

Once activated, when an application crashes, you'll get a dialog box with the option to write details to a log file. If you say yes, details are written to a log file kept in /var/log/crash.log. Some of the info there can be useful, if not to you, then to the author of the program in helping them debug the problem.
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didn't work here. Needs reboot?
Authored by: robh on Apr 20, '01 06:34:29PM

I ran the command to start it immediately and this appeared in the console log:

/usr/libexec/CrashReporter: can't get old exception port, task_get_exception_ports() failed: (os/kern) invalid argument/usr/libexec/CrashReporter: Failed to listen for exceptions!

Maybe it does need a reboot after all.

I've no plans for a reboot any time soon so can't test this.

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Preventing the UI dialog - Log only
Authored by: tjlahey on Apr 21, '01 10:42:42AM
This information was posted to the Project Builder mailing list. One additional piece of information was that the you can also set: CRASHREPORTER=-LOGONLY- if you don't want the UI dialog to popup (the crashes are still logged to /var/log/crash.log). Thanks to Scott Tooker from Apple for this information.

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Log detailed information on crashes
Authored by: rrrus on May 06, '03 05:51:42PM
From Apple's bug reporting page:

Crash logs are very useful in helping our engineers debug crashing bug reports. To obtain a crash log, launch Console (not Terminal) to turn on the crash reporter. Then go to Preferences and mark the checkboxes under the Crash tab. After you reproduce the crash, a window will appear containing the crash log.


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