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Use ProjectBuilder as a text editor Apps

I recently installed OS X and it's great. I installed apache, php, and mysql so I can develop and test locally. I love it, but I've been missing one thing. A good text editor.

I've downloaded pepper, jEdit, and several others. But I still preferred the classic app BBEdit. Pepper was great, but it doesn't have support for PHP and it costs $45(unless you can handle waiting 10 seconds every time you save). jEdit is even better. It has syntax coloring and everything. However the interface lags and the lack of drag and dropping files into the app sucks. Maybe your experiences were better, but I ended up going back to TextEdit. But it has it's problems too. Some files can't be opened to text and I just don't like it for what I'm doing.

Anyways I was looking through the developer examples and messing around with Project Builder and decided to try open my php files with it. It's great! There's no syntax coloring for php, but there's many other useful features. I even created a project file for my php program that I'm working on. Then I have access to any of my files with a click. The find feature is really good and lines can be found by cmd-L since it doesn't show line numbers. I like the indenting features too. If your doing any type of web developing and don't have a good text editor, try this.

Now only if Apple would add support for more programming languages.

Aloha, Keizo

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BBEdit X 6.1
Authored by: krusty76 on Apr 20, '01 10:59:02PM

it's out now ... so we can all heave a tremendous sigh of relief. no more using TextEdit for things beyond it's intentions ... and no more playing with kludgy (and sometimes expensive) apps like JEdit, Pepper, etc.

yeah for BareBones!


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BBEdit X 6.1
Authored by: dynamo on Apr 27, '01 07:52:23AM

I thought so too - and used it happily on my PBG4/500/512 until it caused a kernel panic after nearly 1 hour of use. I gave it another shot, and had it crash on me losing changes. This is exactly what I got os x to AVOID, so I think i'll be going back to project builder, which lacks bbedit's cool (though not complete, imho) xml syntax highlighting, but is written in cocoa, which means stability.

I've been learning cocoa frantically since the developer release candidate (aka 10.0) came out; and would trust anything written on cocoa 10x more than the same thing in written in carbon because all the stuff that is likely to cause a crash is already written for the developer. It (almost) feels like cheating.

When bbedit moves to cocoa, or goes through a few point releases, I'll give it another shot. in the mean time, I'm pretty happy having my OS never, ever crash, even if I don't get syntax highlighting.

- Paul Jacobs

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