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AOL X client installs old QT plug-ins! Apps
Be aware - after troubleshooting an IE/QuickTime problem I had, I noticed that the AOL X Client installed two old Quicktime 5.0b11 plug-ins in my "Internet Plug-ins" folder, inside the "Library" folder.

It completely screwed up all QuickTime content, along with making IE screwy every now and then. I think that there are some other old files lurking in plug-ins (Shockwave or Flash?) or maybe elsewhere, so if you know of any or find any, reply!

Just to be safe, check both your user/Library/Internet Plug-ins Folder and the /Library/Internet Plug-ins Folder.
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Typical of AOL
Authored by: grotz on Apr 15, '01 09:45:18AM

...this is completely familiar stuff for anyone who has ever used AOL (me, 1990-91). MY question is, what are you doing looking at MacOSXHints on AOL? Go Earthlink, or anything over AOL.

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Leave AOL Alone!
Authored by: macguitar on Apr 15, '01 09:22:20PM

I'm not viewing OS X Hints over AOL, I use it as a secondary account. I have a cable modem. Why does everyone have a beef against AOL? Sheesh! :(

I get their BYOA TCP/IP access for only $4.95/month (special offer I got way back) so to have their services for that cheap a month is worth it to me.

Seriously, you trying to tell me that AOL sucks and that I shouldn't be using them is just as bad as the reason people like you say "Don't use AOL, cause they are like Microsoft because THEY control what you can see and do."

Yes - their installers suck and they need to have better beta-testing, but at least they're OS X'izing everything.

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Leave AOL Alone!
Authored by: grotz on Apr 16, '01 10:24:44AM

Didn't mean to harsh on your AOL ... it started as way more mac-friendly than any other ISP, hence my choice to get them in 90-91. But once the features kept coming and coming, and updates, etc. it became just about the most un-Mac ISP of them all.

I wouldn't mind beta testing over AOL though, b/c I develop and cannot dispute their popularity but would fry my eyes over the install process instead. But as far as OSX users go, I'll wait. AOL is for my PC box, anyway ;) (it also makes a good jukebox)...

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