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OS X 10.0.1 update released! System
The official OS X 10.0.1 update is now available from the Software Update control panel. It will first update Software Update, then you need to launch Software Update again, and it will download the 10.0.1 updater (about 4mb in size). The "About This Mac" box now reads "Version 10.0.1 (Build 4L13).

The updater will put a "Late Breaking News" item in your dock, but it contains no update-specific information (ie there's nothing that says exactly what was changed). The only information I've seen about the update is on Apple's web site, where they claim:
Improvements include better support for third party USB devices, Classic compatibility and overall application stability as well as support for the popular Secure Shell service. For Japanese users, an update to the Epson printer drivers is also available.
Either later tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll be updating my benchmarks with post-update numbers for comparison purposes. If you have further information, questions, or comments on the update, post them here!
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telnet becomes ssh
Authored by: j|m on Apr 13, '01 11:38:18PM

Turning on the option to allow remote logins in the system preferences "sharing" panel no longer opens up telnet, it now opens up ssh, as promised by apple. The change is really seamless.

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does it include sshd?
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 14, '01 12:51:25AM

so, does that mean that 10.0.1 now has the ssh server? i had already installed it, so i don't know if the system changed that or not. but it would be really nice to be able to ssh into my machine while i'm away...


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if you installed the unofficial...
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 14, '01 01:38:54AM

I had installed the unofficial update already a week or so ago, so when I ran SOftware Update, it said that there were no updates available.

From other newsgroups, I learned that I had to delete the 10.0.1Update.pkg from the /Library/Receipts directory, and then run Software Update again. It worked.

(The Official update is newer than the unofficial update.)

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if you installed the unofficial...
Authored by: enggass on Apr 19, '01 09:45:09AM

I managed to get the latest 10.0.1 after moving the 4L7 Build into the Trash...
BUT, I cannot seem to get the latest SU131, EpsonUpdate (Builds 4L13).
I dug into them and they are Builds 4L7 still.
When I run the Updater, it says I am up to date?!?
I tried moving them to the trash similar to what I did with the 10.0.1,
but no luck. Anybody else who installed the Pre-release able to get more than
just the 10.0.1 Update? and How?
Steve E

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4L13 vs. 4L5
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 14, '01 02:04:06AM

A couple weeks ago, I threw caution to the wind and installed 4L5. That had introduced some minor speed enhancements to my dog-slow-running-4K78 iMac (233MHz, rev. A, 384MB RAM), but it was still pretty slow. For instance, when composing an email in (under 4K78, and also 4L5), I was easily able to type faster than the computer could render the text on the screen. (YUCK)

Well, I'm happy to report that, at least on that subjective measure, build 4L13 (the official 10.0.1) is much better. is now quite responsive--no more waiting for text to render. (And yes, I had to do the workaround to install 4L13 over 4L5, but that was fine.)

As to the other questions above: yes, 4L13 replaces the telnet server with an ssh server. Works great; I can ssh into my home iMac from work now. Slick.

You can see for yourself a complete list of everything that the update entails (after installing it) by going to /Library/Receipts, control-clicking on "10.0.1Update.pkg" and choosing "Show Package Contents". From there, go into Contents/Resources and drag the file "10.0.1Update.bomout" onto TextEdit. This contains a listing of all directories and files that were touched by the upgrade. It's quite extensive.

Also of note is a descriptive text file inside the package, which states: "The 10.0.1 Update for Mac OS X delivers support for iTunes, improved USB compatibility, as well as stability and performance improvements."

I wonder what "support for iTunes" was added?

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PowerBook (Pismo/FW) Sound - no go
Authored by: DavidDPD on Apr 14, '01 12:11:38PM

Brightness keys work, but work continuously after openning "System Pref/Monitors" ... sound keys still do not work at all.

Haven't tried Sleeping yet, but their was waking problems under 10.0, and I didn't see that this was planned to be fixed in 10.0.1. Oh well.


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PowerBook (Pismo/FW) Sound - no go
Authored by: Crawn on Apr 17, '01 07:28:36PM

I am using a Power Book G4 with OS X 10.0.1 (official update) and your right about the brightness keys, thank the maker! As for the sound keys, they do work but you won't see the bar to tell you what they are.

Hope this helps!

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Epson update and prebinding
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 14, '01 02:25:34PM

The Epson update runs prebinding. On my machine, when I would run prebinding on the root directory, it would eventually crash. This did happen with the Epson triggered prebinding update.

However, I did figure out why prebinding was crashing. It had something to do with my 9.1 System Folder. I moved it to another drive and now it works fine. When I would try to move it from X, it would claim there were over 100K files in my system folder. It really only had 6,000. Moving the folder when booted from 9.1 worked just fine.

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Authored by: benjamin bacon on Apr 14, '01 02:26:31PM

For those interested in the speed increases of running the update_prebinding's command should just install the 10.0.1 update. When you download and install the update from Aplle make sure you open the in Applications/Utilities and you can watch the update install and prebind.

Apr 14 14:06:10 SWUpdateEngine[868] -[NSPackageController(Protected) prepare]: Doing install with target /
Apr 14 14:06:22 update_prebinding[982] Start of update_prebinding
Apr 14 14:06:22 SWUpdateEngine[868] Prebind progress 'Start analyzing packages' completed:0.000000
prebind: reading changed files from package /tmp/501/10.0.1Update.pkg
Apr 14 14:06:22 SWUpdateEngine[868] Prebind progress 'End analyzing packages' completed:0.100000
Apr 14 14:06:22 SWUpdateEngine[868] Prebind progress 'Remove non-binaries' completed:0.100000
There are 19 changed files that must be re-prebound
Apr 14 14:06:22 update_prebinding[982] Gather dependency information for changed files
There are 1172 total files that must be re-prebound.
/usr/bin/update_prebinding: file is not prebound: /mach_kernel
previous message occurred when prebinding /mach_kernel
Apr 14 14:08:02 SWUpdateEngine[868] Prebind progress 'end search
' completed:0.300000
Apr 14 14:08:02 SWUpdateEngine[868] Prebind progress 'Sort files to be re-prebound
' completed:0.300000
/usr/bin/update_prebinding: file is not prebound: /usr/X11R6/bin/proxymngr
previous message occurred when prebinding /usr/X11R6/bin/proxymngr
/usr/bin/update_prebinding: file is not prebound: /usr/X11R6/bin/xsetroot
previous message occurred when prebinding /usr/X11R6/bin/xsetroot
Apr 14 14:08:02 SWUpdateEngine[868] Prebind progress 'Prebinding files' completed:0.300000
Apr 14 14:08:03 SWUpdateEngine[868] Prebind progress 'Prebinding files (20 of 1172)' completed:0.311945
Apr 14 14:08:06 SWUpdateEngine[868] Prebind progress 'Prebinding files (40 of 1172)' completed:0.323891
/usr/bin/update_prebinding: file is not prebound: /usr/X11R6/bin/rman

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Printer Update
Authored by: jonahlee on Apr 14, '01 02:52:21PM

If you run software update a 3rd time you get a Printer update. No word on what it fixes but it is another fix.

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SSH by Apple :(
Authored by: pruski on Apr 14, '01 03:45:59PM

Before the MacOS X update to 10.0.1 I installed OpenSSH 2.5.2... And everything seemed to work just fine, I could login onto servers using the SSH protocol and I could login onto my own machine from a remote host. But... This fun ended today after installing MacOS X update...

I can login onto remote servers but I cannot login on my own machine. I think that the problem lies in the fact that there are a lot of servers using SSH version 1.3... I'm afraid that Apple's solution uses version 2.0...

But know my question: does somebody know a nice work around for this problem? Can I uninstall Apple's SSH solution and return to OpenSSH version 2.5.2???

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SSH by Apple :(
Authored by: j|m on Apr 14, '01 04:01:00PM

Sure you can - just run the install script for openssh again (either the osxinstall-sh that comes with one distribution or the "make install") and you're set, ready to go

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SSH by Apple :(
Authored by: Newt on Apr 14, '01 09:13:15PM

My FreeBSD guru SO says to connect to a SSH server which is version 2, you must use the "-2" flag/argument/option, as such:

ssh -2 hostname-here

BTW, my update to 10.0.1 broke many things, especially my db access and most services I had to compile myself to install. I'm about to reinstall (writing this from my old 8500. I lost network access on my OS X box when I updated). I had some problems with my original attempt to install on a UFS partition which the OS X disc created. In the "long" run stuff was running smooth as silk, until the upgrade. I thought it might have been my OpenSSH 2.5.2 install, since I intensionally didn't install anything unofficial.

Good luck!

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Save your updates!
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 14, '01 03:58:06PM

Speaking of the package files put in /Library/Receipts, make sure that you back those packages up somewhere. If you're like me and have a dialup connection, if you ever have to reinstall OS X from the CD you'd have to run the software update control panel again and wait for update package to download again. If you make a backup of the update packages then you can just re-run them if you ever have to do a re-install without having to download them again.

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re: Save your updates!
Authored by: vgz on Apr 14, '01 06:53:35PM

Those files are not the full update. Look at the file it is only around 500Kb while the update is 4.1 MB.

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10.0.1 fixes longstanding bug
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 15, '01 01:26:20AM

On my machine (at least), the Update has fixed the Public Beta-era bug (still present in OS X Release) that occurred when you were operating in a classic application and tried to double-click (or dock-click) another document from that application to open it. Before 10.0.1 there was no response--after, it's working now on my machine!

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Reason for 10.0.1 speedup?
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 15, '01 02:13:33AM

After installing the 10.0.1 update's client now consistently cracks at nearly half the speed it did before the upgrade. This leads me to believe that the speed increase is due to a reworking of application priorities (probably giving Aqua a higher priority).

Could anyone prove or disprove this?


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Don't wanna jinx it, but
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 16, '01 02:14:28PM

it seems to have fixed the dreaded mp3 decoder sound death bug as well.
been running iTunes now for 3 hours now with no loss...

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