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Add a keyboard shortcut for Hide Others Desktop
Apple thoughtfully gave us command-H to hide the active app, but didn't provide a shortcut for hiding other apps. Jacco R. wrote in with a way to modify the Finder to provide such a shortcut.

Warning - Make sure you have a backup before you start hacking the system files! Also, this hack only works in the Finder, not any other applications. Finally, I have not tried this myself, but Jacco included a screenshot, and stated that it definitely worked in the Finder.

If you'd like to hack your finder to provide a Hide Others keyboard shortcut, read the rest of the article...


First, navigate to the following directory -- I've broken it onto two lines to make the article narrower, but it's one path, believe it or not!


Once you're there, then:

1. copy Localized.rsrc to your desktop

2. get QuickConvert.

3. drop the copy of the file on QuickConvert

4. launch ResEdit (get a copy from Apple if you don't have one handy)

5. open the copy of the file with ResEdit

6. go to the menu item for "Finder"

7. do your hack there - pick a keystroke combo that won't conflict!

8. with the terminal, copy the file from the desktop to its original folder [Editor's note: I think you'll have to be root to do this; keep a copy of the original, too!]

9. reboot!

You should now have a keyboard shortcut for hiding others in the Finder.

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Hiding other apps
Authored by: Hoganscrogan on Apr 12, '01 06:27:34AM

Holding down 'apple' and 'option' key then clicking on an app in the dock will hide all other apps...I think! I've only used it in that way and I'm in OS9.1 at mo'

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Hiding other apps - Verified
Authored by: atl on Apr 12, '01 06:41:48AM

Cool! That worked for me!

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