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Reduce the X to Classic visual shock Classic
If you want the transition between classic and Mac OS X to be less visible you can install a theme (appearance) in Classic. The ultimate theme must be Liquid or another one called Aqua Theme. This makes classic look like OS X Aqua style.

Themes can be found on my iDisk in the public folder, the user name is jaws.

[Editor's note: Themes can really help make Classic feel more 'correct', but Apple has come down hard on those distributing Aqua themes, so they may be hard to find. I know of one other, called Aqua III, which has also been seen around the net. According to this poster, you can find some themes on his/her iDisk. I'm not sure how long I would expect them to remain there...]
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Classic is now better than OS X
Authored by: asxless on Apr 13, '01 03:21:34PM

Thanks! This was what I had been looking for. After installing the Aqua theme, Classic menues and dialogs remain more legible than OS X but now have the look and feel of OS X that I orginally expected.

Since nearly all my applications only run in Classic mode, by running the Classic Finder as an application, I now have a complete Classic world that integrates into OS X but is actually better looking (legible fonts) and faster! Better yet, I can now use the Aqua theme on my half dozen orphaned Macs running OS 9.1 and make using these older machines less of a "flash back". No wonder Apple doesn't want Aqua themes distributed. OS9.1 with Aqua theme is both faster and more legible than OS X. DUH


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Classic is now better than OS X
Authored by: Bukira on Jan 16, '02 08:18:17AM

i have one comment, having used the aqua apperance well before os x was released i thought it was kewl and very dissapointed thta apple weren't smart enough to build it into 9.0 up, however be careful some programs dont work with this apperance for example Fotostation, we had bring probs getting it to work, emailing the company etc, found that it was the apearance, change the apearnace and it run fine.

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