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Rename the trash can Desktop
If you find the word 'Trash', which appears when you mouse over the trash can in the dock, to be not quite what you want, it's easy to change. Open a terminal and type:
% cd /System/Library/CoreServices/
% sudo vi InfoPlist.strings
(don't type the % signs; those are the command-line prompt symbols)

This one-line file contains the name for the trash can. Change the name, save the file (in vi, use 'w!' to override the read-only warning), quit the dock (see the comments for a clean way to do this!), it will restart, and you'll have a new name on your trash.
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Better way to restart the Dock
Authored by: _merlin on Apr 09, '01 06:41:25PM

Using kill to restart the dock is not the best way to do it. This sends a signal to the process telling it to terminate as quickly as possible, without even giving it a chance to clean up. A bettert way is to run the following AppleScript command (from the script editor):

tell application "Dock" to quit

This sends a DO message to the Dock, telling it to cleanup and quit cleanly.

Vasantha Crabb

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Re: Better way to restart the Dock
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 10, '01 07:24:09AM

As far as I know you are actually slightly wrong.
as strange as it seems to the un-experienced user
"kill" sends the process a signal that can be specified at the command line.
If it is not specified, the "term" signal is sent, which is pretty much the same as "quit".
only if you use "kill -9 <PID>" or "kill -kill <PID>" the process specified is actually killed
i.e. force quit

Hope this helps.

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Re: Better way to restart the Dock
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 12, '01 07:34:26PM

I heard this somewhere else, not sure about it...
Doesn't kill -SIGHUP cause the app in question to quietly quit and restart immediately?

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Authored by: SeanAhern on May 28, '02 07:44:09PM

Nope. HUP stands for "hangup". Many system apps *are* configured to reread their configuration files when they receive a hangup signal, thus appearing to stop and restart. But not everything is like that.

In general, a HUP signal just causes the app to quit, similar to a TERM.

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Re: Better way to restart the Dock
Authored by: GaelicWizard on Oct 05, '03 03:11:16AM

this only works in apps that UNDERSTAND SIGNALS which most aqua aocoa/carbon/classic apps DON'T. try it. "killall Microsoft\ Word" and see if it saves your changes...


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Rename the trash can
Authored by: Sausage1234 on Oct 03, '03 09:13:02AM

Thanks for the advice, RobG - tried it and it doesn't work!
Do I have to log in as root?
Or was there an error in the info?
Changed directory OK but sudo vi .... merely brought up a load of odd characters, lotsa spaces and refusal to do anything more!

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