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Avoid a GUI freeze after sleep wake-up Desktop
This is in addition to the tips for added responsiveness.

I've been having problems with the Finder holding up on me after waking up from sleep. The Finder is rendered completely unresponsive as the the kernel takes up 50 percent of the CPU cycles. I then remembered what Steve Jobs said a while back about how Unix doesn't like to be put to sleep. I immediately thought the Energy Saver preferences.

Set the hard drive spindown to Never, and most of the large kernel freezeups should go away.

Hopefully this is fixed in 10.0.1, but for now, this is an adequate solution.
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Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 09, '01 09:04:49AM

Interestingly enough, I haven't had this problem.

I have OS X on my Powerbook G4, and as such it goes to sleep all the time. So far I haven't had any issues with any of the sleep settings, and it's zippy to wake up from system sleep when I open the lid.

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Authored by: brianmita on Apr 09, '01 04:42:37PM

I have a beige G3 and this persisted to be a problem when waking up from sleep (I wrote the tip). Another instance in which the kernel dominates is when classic is on, and calls DesktopDB, Which I assume is a function for syncing the OSX and OS 9 desktops. I avoid that freeze, by not using classic much.

Apparently, there are a lot of G3 optimizations in the update.
Note: This happened on Public Beta, and DP3, too.


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sleep - MacOS 9
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 19, '01 11:57:12PM

OS9 also seems to do this - take up an inordinately long amount of time to wake up. I read somewhere that this is so the system can make sure the system clock is right. Does anyone have any idea how to speed up wakeup in 9?


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I have a problem...
Authored by: ez on Apr 03, '03 11:59:10AM

I have a new PowerBook 17 running 10.2.4 with a wake-up problem. After sleeping, the finder freezes with the rainbow wheel on the first start of any app including sys pref and terminal. I have reinstalled the OS and tried multiple energy saver settings. It freezes long enough at times I to hard power the machine down...very annoying. I have been searching the hints, and I would love to find a solution..other than restarting it every time...

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