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Mac OS X and RedHat7 netatalk issues Desktop
[Editor's note: John K. submitted this writeup a few days ago, and I managed to lose it in my inbox for a bit. My apologies for the delays in getting this posted, John!]

John writes:

My OS X install does not work well with netatalk, the unix AFP file server. When I log in as guest and mount a share, it displays correctly, but the following problems occur:
  • Copies do not work at all. I get an error -43.

  • Changes to the directories don't get displayed, and attempts to use the directory after a change can cause OS X to crash.

  • I cannot authenticate myself anymore. I think this is probably because I have a vanilla RedHat 7 and am missing some kind of library necessary to do secure authentication.
This was all a real bummer, because I backed up my disk to this server. If you're using netatalk, it's a good idea to move the data to an Apple server before upgrading.

If you're stuck (like I am), there's a utility, megatron, that can make macbinary files which can be ftp'd or copied via NFS, and then unmacbin'd by Stuffit Expander. I'm working on a tool to run megatron on a large number of files, so it won't be so difficult to recover from this snafu. I'll post the link here when it's done.
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Configuration error
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 03, '01 09:16:16AM
Are you sure your netatalk server is configured correctly? Don't forget that some unix permissions which aren't accessible in the Sharing... settings on a mac will still be in effect. I've seen -43 errors when copying folders as 'guest' from machines running netatalk on traditional MacOS in the past.

If you get an access denied error when trying to create a folder, the explanation is:

2.2 When I create a folder on a netatalk/afpd volume, I get an Access Denied error, but the folder is created anyway.

This is a very common configuration error. The user is not in the group of the parent directory. Then the Mac attempts to set the group of the newly created directory to be the same as the parent, this error is generated. The fix is the change the group of the directory to a group the user is a member of.

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Configuration error
Authored by: jurg on Apr 04, '01 05:24:49AM

I have a slightly different problem with netatalk on SuSe. Copying files works for small files but copying larger files results in a kernel panic for MacosX (10.0). With Macos 9.1 everything works fine. Actually, I had the access denied error when using MacosX PB. In the meanwhile I didn't change the netatalk configuration.


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Try an earlier version
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 03, '01 05:18:45PM

Try installing an earlier stable version of netatalk. I did that and it works like a charm.

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AppleTalk Not Working
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 04, '01 12:31:14AM

Personally, I'm not able to connect to a machine with AppleShare on running Mac OS 9.0.4. The current AppleTalk implementation is surprisingly buggy.

I'm surprised I haven't sen more complains about this. Seems like a fairly basic need. Perhaps most other people aren't experiencing this.

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Re: AppleTalk Not Working
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 04, '01 05:07:57AM

I think there is some technote stating this. Mac OS X does not support traditional FileSharing, such as netatalk and MacOS provide by default.

I don't know how to configure netatalk to use TCP/IP.
In Mac OS 9.x you simply have to check "Clients connect via TCP/IP" checkbox in the FileSharing Control panel.
Just with pre-OS 9, you cannot easily share to Mac OS X Clients.

Hope this helps, iSee

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From the netatalk mailing list
Authored by: Keith on Apr 05, '01 09:30:26AM

Subject: Netatalk can work with OS X final - the old versions

"I've used a few different old versions and they all seem to work. Specifically I am using "netatalk-1.4b2+asun2.1.4-0.i386.rpm" which seemed to be the newest version I could find that actually worked. I used to locate it. You may know about these old versions, they are missing some fairly useful features such as DHX authentication. To get two-way encrypted passwords, you have to have a .passwd file in each user's home directory that is chmod 0700 and owned by the user."

David Shaub

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Use the Terminal
Authored by: Anechoic on Apr 25, '01 09:41:01AM
This problem seems to be fairly common with both Classic Netatalk and Netatalk-ASUN. It was also a problem with the Public Beta. I am running Netatalk-ASUN on a Quadra 650 running NetBSD 1.4.2. I'll try using an older version to see if that helps. A workaround is to use the Terminal. After connecting to the server using the "Go" menu, fire up the Terminal and
cd /Volumes/YourServer.
You should then be able to copy files back and forth between your machine using the cp command. Herb

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Check the FAQ that comes with the tarball
Authored by: adrianlewis on Sep 27, '02 09:23:15PM

In the faq from the latest release (1.5.5 at time of writing) there are suggestions as to how to fix many problems with OS X and Netatalk by using the --with-did=last argument on configure. The problems I'm getting are things like when accessing folders, all seems well but as soon as I select a file it seems to point to a completely different file. I.e. I think I'm copying a photoshop file but when the copy is finished I end up with an mp3 from a completely unrelated folder but with the name of the item I was copying! Does anyone know how to 'rebuild' Netatalk's 'database' as it were?

Another nice argument to use is the --enable-srvloc which works well with openslp to allow server discovery in non appletalk networks.

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Where to find Netatalk
Authored by: outofcontrol on Sep 28, '02 12:32:57AM
Just in case someone can't find the latest version, here is where you get it now:

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