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Add a Finder Quit menu to the dock Desktop
If you edit the in your preferences folder, it will allow you to turn on many features (such as those which can be accessed using GUI appls like TinkerTool). But it will also let you turn on the QuitFinder boolean. This will add a quit option for the finder. I don't know who this would be of much use to, mabye those with only 128 RAM would find it useful in some processor-intense apps.

The full path to this file is:
[NOTE: On my machine, editing the dock.plist file in either the terminal or the dev tools' property list editor, I do not see this boolean! I have no idea why, and reidab sent me a screenshot showing that his version does have it ... odd! I could just add it, I suppose...]
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Where is
Authored by: ClarkGoble on Apr 02, '01 08:15:18PM

OK, I'm confused. I can open up Info.plist fine with the PropertyList Editor. But how do I edit the "" for CFBundleIdenitifier using this?

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about plists
Authored by: bassem on Jul 13, '01 05:15:38AM

The keys you read in a plist are not all the keys its related program understands. The keys that get values assigned to them by one way or another, appear in a plist. If for example you use TinkerTool to turn on some feature you might be adding a new line in a plist with a key that was not there before. I also noticed that if you add a random key into a plist it will remain there and be ignored (as long as it is written in correct xml syntax: key/value pair). What interests me in this context is how do I find out which set of keys a program would understand.

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Add a Finder Quit menu to the dock
Authored by: carsten on Jul 22, '03 11:39:34PM
Works in 10.2.6, I wish I had read this earlier. Although TinkerTool can add a Quit menu to the Finder's File menu, this is ultra-handy too. Clarification of procedure follows…

open -e /Users/username/Library/Preferences/
Anywhere after <dict> (which is near the top,) add the following lines:

Log out and back in again, or open a Terminal window and type:

killall Dock
(it is case sensitive)

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Add a Finder Quit menu to the dock
Authored by: sumit on Jul 27, '03 10:08:13AM

I do not know if others have experiences this already, but trying to add the QuitFinder boolean in using vi in the terminal did not activate the feature for me. I did try loggin out and in and even rebooting. The option popped up only when I opened the plist file in the PropertyList Editor and saved it from there. The boolean was alreadt listed. Strange!

Also, why is the same key not recognized in


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10.3: Add a Finder Quit menu to the dock
Authored by: benison on Jan 10, '04 02:50:35PM

I have tried this hint in Panther, and it seems to make no difference.

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10.3: Add a Finder Quit menu to the dock
Authored by: darkgoob on Mar 10, '04 10:13:40PM

To quit the finder in Panther, open Activity Monitor (used to be called Process Viewer in previous versions of OS X), select the Finder from the list, and hit "Quit Process". Don't "Force Quit" but rather, just "Quit". This has worked for me. It seemed to stop working, however, at one point, and I don't know why, but now, after I added the "QuitFinder" boolean to the dock plist, it seems to be working again. O.o


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