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Epson printing error (-9671) in OS X System
A reader and I were exchanging emails over the inability of his Epson 740 (a supported printer) to print from OS X on his iMac. He spent quite a bit of time debugging the issue, but was making no progress. He could print fine in OS 9.04 and even Classic, but not in OS X. Every time he tried, the job ended with a "-9671 Error". Others on the web with identical machines and printers were not having the same problem.

After spending many hours on the issue, he finally tracked it down. When he originally bought his printer, the sales rep had also sold him an Epson Parallel to USB converter cable. This appears to have been (see the comments!) what was causing the OS X printing problems. As soon as he replaced it with a straight USB cable, everything worked fine.

So if your Epson won't print, check your cable -- and maybe just plug and unplug it, per the comments below. If that fails, it may be time to try a new cable.
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Thieving b'stard
Authored by: jasonq on Mar 31, '01 02:44:44PM

I guess that sales rep was a thieving b'stard if he charged extra for the parallel to USB adaptor.

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Sorry, probably the wrong answer...
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 31, '01 04:02:51PM

Sorry, but the cause of Error -9671 is NOT ALWAYS related to the use of a USB/Serial converter-- it seems to be a generic error which occurs whenever a connection problem has occurred using USB. Just the fact that you could see the printer in the Print Center to begin automatically excludes the possibility that the connector was the cause of the error-- otherwise, how would the Print Center even recognize it on the other end of the USB line?

Here's a much easier and much cheaper way to fix Error -9671: UNPLUG THE PRINTER FROM THE USB PORT AND REATTACH IT. I've had this error several times from my Epson 740 using a STANDARD USB cable, and this has fixed the error in every single instance.

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not in this case...
Authored by: robg on Apr 04, '01 04:35:06PM

Just as a follow-up ... the original correspondent said he had tried the plug/unplug routine "about 50 times" before he gave up and went to the store! So it appears he definitely did the right thing!


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Definitely the wrong answer!
Authored by: Elander on Jun 06, '01 11:16:07AM

I get the same error message when trying to print via AppleTalk and LPR (TCP/IP). Strange thing is, I can print with ease in Classic applications, but not in OS X. Weird, especially since I haven't defined any printers in Classic, the only settings I've done have been in Print Center...

(Running Swedish 10.0.3, and yes, I've tried running with US English and it still isn't working. Stranger still: it worked in the Final Candidate, that was also updated to 10.0.3. When the swedish release came I decided to format and reinstall from scratch. That seems to have been a mistake...

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epson printer issue
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 04, '01 04:14:52PM

i have a 740i that refused to even show up in the printer list.
i disconneded it from the hub, connected the keyboard in its place and reconnected the printer
to the #1 USB slot, printing great ever since, showed up in the list automagically and print in classic mode too. i suggest switching the ports around and not putting it behind (logically) a hub.

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epson printer issue
Authored by: alec kinnear on Apr 21, '02 10:51:48PM

this is advice is right on. i had had very inconsistent printing from my epson 740 (constantly having to remove and add it to the available printer list). as soon as i switched it to usb port 1 (it had been on port 2) it worked like a charm.

thanks batbert.

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is hp 648c supported?
Authored by: djpk on Mar 23, '02 06:09:41PM

I have a hp 648c which is supposedly supported but everytime I try to add it I get a -9621 error and it fails. What gives?


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