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If you have a folder in your Finder toolbar, hold option and click to open that folder in a new window and close the old window. Clicking without option simply opens that folder in the existing window. Strangely, it seems to switch to icon view regardless of the view mode from which you click [editor - not on my machine; it seems random!]. If you command-click the folder, it opens in a new window without closing the old one.

Application icons that have been added to the toolbar can be used to switch to the given app, saving you a bit of time and mousing down to the dock to switch. Drag-and-drop apps (such as Stuffit Expander) can have things dropped on them on the toolbar.

Isn't OS X great?

Daniel J. Wilson [with additional info from robg]
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Trash in the toolbar helps
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 31, '01 01:26:06PM
I find that adding the Trash to the toolbar helps me a lot. Just apply the hack (with a tool such as TinkerTool, or from the CLI) to get the trash to show on the desktop, then drag the Trash icon into your toolbar. I find this really helpful, because when my system (G3 333, 448 MB) is under a heavy load, dragging files out of a finder window (so that you can put it in the dock trash) will hesitate or freeze for a few seconds right after the icons pass the edge of the finder window while the window manager tries to catch up. However, with the Trash in the toolbar, I experience no delays in moving files to the toolbar Trash. You can move the Trash icon in the toolbar by command-dragging it. Also, you can subsequently re-apply the hack to get the Trash off the desktop, and your toolbar Trash will remain.


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Trash in the toolbar helps
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 31, '01 08:27:35PM

You don't need to do any special trick to create icons in the toolbar.

Yust open any folder (the trash is a folder), double click on its name/icon (holding the mouse button down on the second click) and then drag it to the toolbar.

Neat, eh?

- Fabio

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Trash in the toolbar helps
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 31, '01 08:39:34PM
Cool!! Even better. Thanks for the shortcut!


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