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Edit your shell config file System
If you'd like to change some of your command line login defaults, but don't know where to find the file, it's located here:


[name] should be replaced with your username, of course. If you don't have this file, you can create it from the command line or a GUI editor.
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Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 30, '01 08:40:00PM

someone on another bulletin board i read mentioned that you could also use a .cshrc file - will tcsh pick up on that and use the file?


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Authored by: iMike on Mar 31, '01 08:11:37AM
As per page 164 of "Essential System Administration" by Aeleen Frisch,

"tcsh The C shell initialization files, .login and .cshrc, are supported for com-
patibility, although .tcshrc is preferred for the latter."
Use .tcshrc instead of .cshrc, in case the above quote is unclear. 8^)
.cshrc is used for C shells rather than T shells.


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Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 03, '01 07:13:59AM

Well, the tcsh shell is a superset of the csh shell. It's called the Turbo C Shell (it has other names in the 't' bit depending on who you talk to) because it's an expanded c shell.

.cshrc's should work with tcsh, but .tcshrc's won't work with csh - I know, I've tried. (I've got the same .tcshrc that I've used since I was 16.)

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or you can do it the Darwin way...
Authored by: atl on Apr 02, '01 12:34:36PM
I would advise users to use ~/Library/init/tcsh/ - aka the configuration paths mentioned in an earlier article, and documented in /usr/share/init/tcsh/README.

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or you can do it the Darwin way...
Authored by: etwoy on Apr 11, '01 01:23:33AM
I'm assuming I'm doing this the right way as I can't find any doc explaining exactly what you should be putting in files like ~/Library/init/tcsh/path, but this is what I've done, which works. the tcsh command to set path is something like:
set PATH = ($PATH /some/other/path)
set MANPATH = ($MANPATH /another/path/somewhere)
If you just stick commands like these in the path file, your values for $PATH, $MANPATH etc will be set.

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(ignore my post above. this one works)
Authored by: etwoy on Apr 11, '01 08:49:35PM
now to hope that this gets displayed properly....

Here is the contents of my ~/Library/init/tcsh/path file, set up for running XFree86.

setenv PATH "${PATH}:/usr/X11R6/bin"
setenv MANPATH "${MANPATH}:/usr/X11R6/man:/usr/local/man"

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