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Moving Apple's apps from their original locations System
I moved applications like mail, sherlock, explorer into a folder. The result was that the next time i logged in the application was shown as a "?" in the dock. This wasn't really a problem. I just moved the apps back into the dock and they work just fine again. With one exception. Sherlock didn't work anymore with the "command F" key combo. It returns a messages saying it cannot find the application.

Any ideas on how to change the orginal position of an application? So that for example "command F" will work.

I had a similar problem with TextEdit. The Terminal couldn't find the application that was removed from it's orginal position.
I really like to change the original positions so i can create a more structural hiearchy in my folders. The way Apple did it is too messy for me.

Thanx Med
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Simply don't care
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 27, '01 10:43:38AM

ALthough the applications don't care where they are, the system uses static Path names to find them (like for e.g. the Finder in Classic Mac OS).
If you want a more sensible structure, there are two ways to achive them.
1) Create a new Apps hirarchy in another place (Perhaps /Users/Shared/Apps) and create Aliases for the files you need from /Applications. Since Application searches always start at /Applications it might be sensible to place an Alias named " sorted" in that directory, that will appear on top of the list.
2) Move the Applications as you like, but create Aliases at the original positions. In order to reduce clutter, make the aliases invisible. (I think this will only work on HFS+ Partitions)
Hope this helps, ralf

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Well i DID! but i guess not anymore
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 27, '01 11:43:28AM

I really feel like a complete newby on my Mac now. I tried to make aliases in the Applications folder. But the folder seems to be locked now. This might be because i installed an application called jCalendar. It came in a package where you need to fill out your admin password. Any ideas how to uninstall this applications? Because this might solve the problem. Dragging the application to the trash doesn't work.

Weird things are happening to me now with this new system. I hope i'm not the only one.
Thanx for the help


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Still trying to figure this out myself...
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 27, '01 03:41:55PM

A few items simply Should Not Be Moved. This includes both Sherlock and System Preferences. The former because the global find function (Command-F) seems to expect it in a hard-coded location, and the latter as a matter of file priveleges.

Most other applications (Mail, Stickies, QuickTime Player) don't seem to object to being moved around, and I've shuffled these into different folders without incident (all still within the Applications folder, of course).

A couple of items (within Dock Extras, ending in ".dock") disappeared from the Dock on the next login after having moved their parent folder. I simply dragged them back to the dock from their new location, and they seem to work now, and remain in the dock on subsequent logins as expected.

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