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Installing SSH on OS X release version UNIX
I've purchased and installed Mac OS X on my Blue & White G3. Now I'm looking for ssh. Is it missing from this release? It was present in the Public Beta and I need secure telnet to be able to work from home.

Typing 'ssh' in a terminal session results in the shell trying to resolve my unknown command to 'sh' instead.

I have installed everything available on both the Mac OS X Installation CD and the Developer Tools CD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steven M. Fish

[Editor's Note: See the comments for a couple of methods for installing SSH. The URL for the Stepwise how-to is:

I haven't done this yet, but it's on today's project list!]
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SSH is not included
Authored by: torifile on Mar 26, '01 12:49:33AM

Unfortunately SSH is not included in the final. The lore has it that someone at Apple forgot to turn in the necessary paperwork to the NSA because SSH is too encrypted and it couldn't get into the final since it is a worldwide release. has been trying to get OpenSSH compiled for the final. I don't know where he is with that project. I suppose you could try to build it yourself since you've got the dev tools installed. It'll probably be released by Apple or someone else shortly if you can wait a bit.

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ssh on X
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 02:35:57AM

I noticed ssh was missing as well. I tend to be an old Unix hacker, so I hacked around.

It's not trival to get installed. I had to download the souce from, figure out how to make root work on OS X (have to load netinfo manager and set root's password so you can su). Compile ssh and install it.

Once I had /usr/local/sbin/sshd I deconstructed /etc/rc to find out how the system loads stuff from /etc/hostconfig. It appears SystemStarter does all the magic. SystemStarter parses the files in /System/Library/StartupItems/. I just cloned the Cron directory and made a SecureShell one and set it up to load /usr/local/sbin/sshd on boot. Works like a charm.

This may be somewhat intimidating for a new user. I could write a step-by-step guide if you want, tho. Ideally, it would be nice to package up a little installer, but I have no idea how to build installers yet, much less ones that need to change root files. :)

Good luck.

/// Zoid.

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ssh on X
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 03:16:21AM
Replying to yourself is fun. I decided to play around with PackageMaker and package up my ssh 1.x build. This isn't a built of 2.0 since I'm an old school 1.x type of guy. I've put it up on my iDisk at Just download ssh1.pkg, unstuff and double click in OS X's Finder. This will install ssh in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin and install the SystemStarter files in /System/Library/StartupItems. It'll ask you to reboot, but you don't have to yet. Once installed, you must edit /etc/hostconfig and change SSHSERVER to -YES-. I tried to see if I could attach a shell script to a package so I could do it for ya, but can't seem to find it. Once you change that bit after installing and a reboot, you should have sshd running for login and ssh in /usr/local/bin/ssh for your own use. Anyway, give it a go if you want. I'm pretty sure my package won't make your Mac explode, but bad things can happen. :) BTW, PackageMaker is pretty cool. It was much easier to bundle it up than I thought. I'm tempted to start making packages for all sorts of Unix utils for Mac OS X. I have bash-2.04 compiled and running now. I should make a package for it, and probably get a package made for ssh 2.x as well. You've given me some food for thought. :) /// Zoid.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 03:07:24AM

I just finished setting up SSH a minute ago. Figuring out how to get root access to my own box took longer than the rest of the process. Apple should have make that info a bit easier to find for those of us that didn't play with the beta release.

Luckily, the SSH source doesn't need any modification to compile or install. Following the instructions in the README file works fine. As for the screwy startup folder, I also copied the Cron folder and modified the two files in it. I didn't bother copying the resource folder though.

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Easy fix
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 03:20:39AM

Go to

They have very thorough step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring OpenSSH for OS X 10.0, right there on the front page.

While you're at it, have a look around stepwise. Its a great resource.

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Easy fix
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 03:25:43AM

I just glanced through the article and I didn't have to do any of that stuff. I just compiled SSH according to the readme file, made a quick startup folder, and it seems to be working fine. I've connected from my PC using putty and I've connect from my mac using "ssh localhost".

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Installing ssh v2
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 06:42:18PM

For those who would like to install's current release (as opposed to openSSH), I've put up a step-by-step description of the process at

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OpenSSH 2.5.2 package available
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 07:29:11PM

there is an OpenSSH 2.5.2 package at that will install OpenSSH and enable the secure server in one fell swoop.

no option to install without having the server turned on, though.

[link via versiontracker]

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SSH *is* Included in OS X Final
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 28, '01 03:33:32PM

FYI, SSH is included in OS X 10.0 Final.
The only things I have done:

1) Installed the Developer Tools CD
2) edit as root /etc/hostconfig...

Change the line:




Reboot. It is working right now for me!

Typing ss <TAB> in produces

ssh ssh-add ssh-agent ssh-keygen ssh-keyscan sshd

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ssh on 10.0.1 update
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 29, '01 10:50:05PM

ssh is installed on the unauthorized 10.0.1 update floating around on carracho.

I like the story about not getting the paperwork in...

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