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Installing OS X final over the Public Beta Install
[Editor's note: See the comments for evidence as to why a clean install is probably the best way to install the Final...]

Is it safe to install OSX on top of OSX public beta without losing stuff ? Looks like I'll be upgrading on Monday, as Apple UK failed to deliver on the release date.

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Installing OS X final over the Public Beta | 5 comments | Create New Account
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bad install over beta:-9
Authored by: airdrummer on Mar 24, '01 05:31:48PM

it arrived this am, fed-x. installed it over the beta partition.
on restart, i got the login screen, logged in, it spun...restarted, it just spun:-(

300mHz/192mB iBook

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Authored by: robg on Mar 24, '01 06:43:45PM

I wimped out, and didn't even try. I took some stuff from my Users folder that I wanted to save, and then wiped the beta partition. One less variable to worry about. I'd recommend a wipe if you have the room to save the stuff you're interested in keeping.

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Works for me
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 25, '01 11:46:41AM

Updated my public beta...
I had to remove my extra hd's and hook my main monitor onto the original video card to install.
pretty flawless, including all prefs (that i noticed) the mail program background pic even samba still works.. now I just need to figure out why one of my HD's is not working with it :P

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it worked
Authored by: robh on Mar 26, '01 11:33:49AM

I installed it on top of the public beta. I took the risk.

The installation was sloooooow. I wasn't paying 100% attention to the dialog but it sure seemed to go through all the steps twice. At the end of it I wasn't asked any config questions, they were correctly inherited from the beta config. Root didn't need to be enabled, it already was.

Anyway, all my beta stuff survived. A few apps in the dock were replaced by a big '?', but moving the mouse over them showed their names and I was able to dispose of and then replace them with the revised apps.

First impressions are that they've improved performance, probably due to lowering the debugging data.

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MacOsX over PB is OK
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 05, '01 05:10:07AM

I didn't have any particular problems installing MacOsX over the PB. After installing System 9.1, I restarted the machine, but this made PB starting again. So I restarted the machinc holding the 'C' button and with the MacOsX CD inserted. So the installation process begun. It took a lot of time, but at the end, all was regular. The network settings were taken from PB ones.
All the process, starting from 9.1 installation, to the end took near one hour and half.

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