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Alternate genie effects System
The "genie effect" is what happens when you click the yellow "minimize" button. You'll see your window get sucked down into the dock, as though it were being drawn into a funnel. While quite cool the first few times, some people (me!) have found it a little annoying after a while. Those with slower machines may also find it something of a CPU hog.

Luckily, Apple included a way to change the genie effect, but chose not to put it into a GUI tool at this time. I'm sure someone will have one written within a week, but for now, here's how you do it. Open a terminal session (the Terminal application is inside Applications/Utilities), and type one of the following:
defaults write mineffect genie
defaults write mineffect suck
defaults write mineffect scale
The "genie" option is normal behavior, "suck" is sort of hard to describe but it's more like a reverse twisted genie, and "scale" (my personal favorite) simply reduces the window equally from all sides while dropping it to the dock. The other nice thing about "scale" is that it's blindingly fast (on my G4/350, while the genie lags a bit), so windows vanish very quickly.

To activate any of these settings, you'll need to logout and login again.
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kill -HUP on Dock
Authored by: kakubei on Mar 24, '01 11:01:33PM

I was able to change the Dock behaviour to scale by doing a

kill -HUP <id number>

on the process called: /System/Library/CoreServices/ -psn_0_7471105

But some of the other settings (blue triangle, etc) didn't change. Anyone have any similar experience?

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Can you disable all effects?
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 25, '01 09:39:11PM

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the genie-type effects completely? Thanks.


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Alternate way to apply changes
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 12:49:29AM

Another way to apply changes is to run the following apple script:

tell application "Dock"
end tell

It will quit and then restart the dock. Apple had this script on their site for awhile (with other Dock scripts), although I'm not sure if it's still there.


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Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 03:14:12AM

Here's a simple GUI utility called "Tinker Tool" for changing these settings. It will also let you create translucent terminal windows that look awesome though they don't completely behave themselves.

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Slow Mo
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 27, '01 03:21:22AM

After a bit of fooling around, I've discovered that minimizing (or maximizing) with the shift key down will display the effect in Slow Motion, as Steve Jobs did in the MacWorld Keynote Demos. It works with all three settings, Genie, Scale, and Suck. Sure it's slower, but seeing the animation is fun for a few minutes.

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Invoking changes
Authored by: adrian_friis on May 17, '01 03:57:11PM

The easies way to see the changes is to quit "Dock" in the ProcessViewer. No log-out required.

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Easily Changing Minimize
Authored by: goad on Feb 01, '02 06:25:38PM

I found the the same three minimize graphics changes as you, but they were in the system prefs under "dock"

NOTE: This may be because I have 10.1

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I don't know about that..
Authored by: djpk on Mar 26, '02 08:27:53PM

I use 10.1.3 and Dock prefs only lists genie and scale. Check again, cause I'm not sure it has all three. I have to use Tinker Tool to get the third.


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Easily Changing Minimize not for Tiger !
Authored by: Superful on Aug 02, '05 10:58:07PM

Absolutly It is not working under Tiger ! you can type whenever you want nothing !!!
defaults write mineffect genie
defaults write mineffect suck
defaults write mineffect scale

Zero !!!! ???

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