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Easter egg in DragThing 4.0 Apps
In the brand-new DragThing for OS X (it also works in 8.6 and later) there's a very cool easter egg for you to unearth. It's not too hard to find, either (although I had an inside tip ;-). So as not to spoil it for everyone, read the rest of this article ONLY IF you'd like to know where to find it (don't read the comments, either, as there may be spoilers there). Otherwise, install DragThing4 and start looking! NOTE: It appears the egg only works in OS X; I cannot make it appear in OS 9.1...

NOTE: DragThing4 will not run on the PB; I tested it on my "Staples edition" OS X 10.0 release. I'm not sure if it works with post-PB builds. And in a bit of editorial, I have to say that DragThing4 simply rocks. It's the perfect companion to the dock, and could potentially replace it, if there were a way to 'genie' windows to DragThing instead of the dock. Great job, James!

The hidden easter egg is a very cool wavy-motion animation of the DragThing4 logo on a blue sky and white clouds background. You can see it by selecting "About DragThing" under the "DragThing" menu, and waiting ten seconds ... told you it wasn't too hard to find!

James Thomson, the author of DragThing, has told me he'd consider creating a screensaver module based on the easter egg, if there's enough interest. Anyone interested in having this available (imagine a wavy desktop fading in and out of black?)? If so, post a comment here and I'll forward them on to James.
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doesn't work in PB...
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 22, '01 12:53:15PM

i can confirm this. it requires changes to carbon that aren't in the public beta but are in the final version of X. I'm using DragThing on 9.1 right now and it's totally stable. It's the one piece of shareware i simply can't live without.


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I'd like to see this as a screensaver
Authored by: Gordon Werner on Mar 18, '02 06:30:32PM

I for one wouldn't mind having this "easter Egg" as a screensaver


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Neater Easter Egg IMHO
Authored by: 128K Mac on Mar 19, '02 05:06:56AM

Coolest easter egg I've seen in a "get info" about an app. is the one in MoosePad. Requires some patience but have a pen and pencil read to jot down the recipe for the Moose's favorite recipe for oatmeal cookies. Unfortunately in the X version you manually drag down the scroll bar to access the recipe. It scrolled in OS9.

OTOH, those not quick in jotting oatmeal cookie recipes have much more time with the OS X version. :)

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Fade to gray, also
Authored by: RandyMan on Mar 27, '02 01:24:46PM

Another interesting tidbit about this easter egg: while the about box is open and the easter egg is doing its thing, switch to another app (like the Finder); the blue sky fades to gray, and back to blue again when you switch back to DT. Neato!

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Easter egg in DragThing 4.0
Authored by: benison on Dec 05, '03 10:49:42PM

a screensaver is definitely worth it!

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