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Upgrade from beta? System
[Editor's note: See the comments for a good discussion on the methods of upgrading to OS X..]

I was wondering if there was any information on what the best process would be to upgrade from the public beta to the upcoming release of OS X. I generally do "clean installs"; will I be able to do that with the new OS? Should I instead back up any of my user files and re-format the partition?

I also downloaded and installed the developer tools onto my public beta. Will I have to do that again, or will these tools be included in the release? Any info. would be appreciated.
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PB to GM upgrade
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 15, '01 08:37:09PM

You can either format the drive and install OSX GM or just run the installer ontop of the PB and it will find out the differences itself. Trust me the OSX installer is incredibly robust and more intelligent than us mortals.

The Dev tools are a little tricker. The GM has updated dev tools. You will need to delete the Developer folder and then remove the developer package receipt from the /Library/Receipts folder. Then the dev tools will install with no problems.

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Be safe
Authored by: Jay on Mar 16, '01 03:23:23AM

I'm going to install it on its very own newly formatted drive. I'm sure it's safe and all, but I'm not risking my production drive to a brand new OS. I wouldn't even use a partition, if I were you. I also am going to trash all the PB software I have and install the newest copies of all the carbonized stuff. Call me paranoid, but I don't like disasters. : )

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Dev tools included
Authored by: robg on Mar 17, '01 02:15:36AM

Apparently OS X is a three-disc set - OS X, OS 9.1, and the Dev Tools (and maybe other goodies?).

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Wipe the drive
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 17, '01 06:56:26PM

I attended a Mac OS X Bootcamp last week run by Apple and they indicated wiping the drive first and did not recommend installing over the PB.

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Delete the files
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 19, '01 02:35:22PM
I've read that you should not do an install over an existing PB install. If you can't reformat, then you need to delete the OS X files. The trouble is that if you try to throw away the OS X System folder, OS 9 tells asks you if you want to uninstall OS X, and then doesn't unstall!

So you need a file utility like DeskZap to nuke what you can. You should delete at least the System, Library, and Private folders. I'm guessing, but that should be clean enough for installing 4K78 or GM on a hard disk that previously had PB.

Other folders you can nuke are bin, sbin, usr, and Applications (the OS X one, not the OS 9 one!)

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Don't upgrade over an internal release
Authored by: heavyboots on Mar 20, '01 05:20:12PM

Just out of semi-legitimate curiosity, I installed a "caribean" (as in pirates of) version of 4k46 on a G4/533--I have the Developer's Public Beta, but it doesn't work on the latest macs. In any case, when the Developer 4k78 arrived, I stupidly installed over the top of 4k46 and got strange and unusual results ("The application Disk couldn't be opened because no application could be found to open it".) Wouldn't recommend it! But after booting back into 9.1 and removing all the OS X directories using DiskDoubler, I rebooted, reinstalled and everything ran perfectly.

In any case, having had the entertaining experience I had, I would definitely recommend scrubbing your hard drive of major OS X componentry before attempting an install. And yes, it serves me right for doing a caribean install. :)

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