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Change your boot screen System
The boot image (the picture you see at startup) is held in /System/Library/Core Services/Resources/BootPanel.pdf. To replace it, simply create your own 640x480 PDF file, name it BootPanel.pdf, and save it to that same directory. You may want to make a copy of the existing screen first, of course!
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boot picture
Authored by: kyung on Apr 18, '02 05:16:56PM

I could't find this file at the location you mentioned.
So I did a search witj sherlock and he found this file for me at the following place:

There's also the file ServerBootPanel.pdf

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apple logo at startup
Authored by: dderusha on Aug 13, '04 12:12:27PM

I see your suggestion about changing the startup screen......but what about the grey apple when the MAC first boots before it rolls into verbose mode?
it has the grey apple and the spinning tick marks........someone has mentioned that it may be in rom and not a local file.......any suggestions?
we want to put our company logo insead of the offense apple!!!


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apple logo at startup
Authored by: jlukas on Aug 14, '04 05:49:42PM
there's this program called Imagine BootX... not sure how safe it is, but it'll allow you to change that pic... here's the program

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Change your boot screen
Authored by: carla216 on Jun 09, '06 12:17:06PM
On v10.4.6, that file isn't there for me, either.

Got some resources to add to the mix, though:

applications to get it done:
Startup Syringe (not certain if it will work on Tiger);
Imagine BootX 2;
MacBoot (not certain if it will work on Tiger).

hard core: ResExcellence tutorial involving hacking of the /System/Library/CoreServices/BootX file.

Oh, and check it out:
a original rainbow logo boot, and original rainbow Apple boot (both on same page--scroll halfway down), and Clarus oldschool boots. Moof.

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Change your boot screen
Authored by: srikanth007m on Jan 17, '08 08:47:47AM

Can any one plz tell this trick on tiger and leopard...i am unable to see those files at specified locations on both version of OS X.

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Change your boot screen
Authored by: not_a_monkey on Dec 09, '09 04:57:10AM

in Mac OS X.6 (Snow Leopard) the Startup Desktop background seems to be at

are the elements of the, well, LogIn Window, if you want to customize that one. It is an app, so you'll need to view 'Show Package Contents', then follow Contents:Resources.

Haven't found the Apple Logo Waitstate bundle, but I didn't look very hard. If you do boot in Verbose Mode this one is never shown, so I was lazy on this one ;-)

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Change your boot screen
Authored by: cashxx on May 21, '10 10:42:16AM

With 10.5 and 10.6 you can do the following if you want to push the settings out manually:
1) Download BootXChanger and put in your pic you want. It will install the picture named BootLogo.png into /System/Library/CoreServices/
2) Then get a copy of from /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/.

Push those two files to clients in the same locations and all the clients should have the new Boot Logo on startup. The sets the path to the BootLogo.png file location and OS X reads this file on boot up and looks for the pic.

File Locations:

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