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Classic won't launch? Classic
Classic no longer starts stating "no superuser priveleges for trublue environment."
Anyone know how to fix? Already ran X disc and reinstalled.

[Editor's note: Problem solved; see comments!]

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Classic and Super User privs.
Authored by: Anonymous on Feb 02, '01 03:26:13PM

I had the same thing happen after I had tried to play with permissions via the Inspector window. It makes sense that reinstalling X didn't fix the problem as you _somehow_ set the permissions on your OS 9 partition/folder in such a way that you can't get to them, or the system won't let you.

I would try the inspector, and make sure that the read and write permissions are correct for the OS 9 stuff. Wish I had more advice to give.

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Classic and Super User privs.
Authored by: Anonymous on Feb 02, '01 04:16:34PM

I found the answer, here it is for anyone else:
Open the terminal login as root (su)
type cd /Applications/
hit return then type
chmod a+s TruBlueEnvironment

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Classic and Super User privs.
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 20, '01 11:26:33PM

hi, i have the same problem with classic, but everytime i try to go into the root, it asks for a password, when i use the same password as my account, it says its not the right password. Whats the deal? I need my classic :(

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Classic and Super User privs.
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 25, '01 12:00:20PM

I also had this problem (unable to launch Classic because of "superuser" "Trubluenvironment" message). Incidentally, Apple tech support had not heard of this problem.

The problem seemed to start after I had fooled around with privileges in order to do the simple task (in OSX) of deleting text files that I had created under 9.1. I don't know if that was the cause of the problem.

From a very long support call with Apple techs, it appears that the problem was caused by a corrupted 9.1 System Folder, including possibly hosed or missing special extensions that OS X places in the 9.1 System Folder. Ultimately our cure was a clean install of 9.1.

Classic now launches, but the problem of not having sufficient privileges to delete 9.1 files remains. I wish Apple would clear up how to handle the privileges. It does no good to suggest "just login as admin" when there is only one account, the admin, on the mac.

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TruBlueEnv must run as root
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 03, '01 11:55:51PM

My situtation is similar - OS X on a UFS partition, OS 9.1 on an HFS+ partition. You
have to copy Classic Startup from the UFS to HFS+. In copying the files, you lose the
setuid bit (TruBlueEnvironment must run as root).

A file that is locked in Classic/MacOS 9.1 cannot be deleted,
not even by root. The fix is to install the Developer Tools from
the grey OS X CD. There is a utility


that lets you lock/unlock the file. Therefore, in order to get
TruBlueEnvrionment to have setuid, the following is necessary:

% /Developer/Tools/SetFile -a l /Volumes/Path/To/Your/TruBlueEnvironment
% chmod 4755 /Volumes/Path/To/Your/TruBlueEnvironment

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TruBlueEnv must run as root, classic won't launch
Authored by: stepheng on Dec 23, '01 03:20:59PM

I have had this hapen after installing games in both OS X and 9.

Unfortunately I am a Neophite when it comes to Unix. I have downloaded developer found tools and want to setuid. Exactly what steps do i follow?

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