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Building the newest PHP and Apache UNIX
I just wanted to let everyone know that I have successfully built Apache 1.3.17 and PHP 4.04pl1 as a DSO on Mac OS X Public Beta 1H39 (AKA Darwin).

The problem was that the configure script for PHP was trying to create a file in the ./pear directory named 'pear' where a directory named 'PEAR' already exists. Of course, since Mac OS X uses the HFS+ disk format by default (case preserving, case insensitive) this is not allowed. Read the rest of the article if you'd like to see how to modify the configure file to successfully build the latest versions of PHP and Apache.


[Editor's note: This process requires the developer's tools, as you'll need the compiler to build the applications after editing the files.]

I poked around a bit and figured the best solution was to make sure the file 'configure' creates doesn't conflict with the directory. I chose the file name 'pearfile' for lack of a more creative and meaningful name.

Steps to fix: (This requires editing text files. If you are unaware of all that this entails, you probably shouldn't be doing it.)

Note that ./ is the php 4.04pl1 source directory

1) Edit ./configure
Line 8172: change pear/pear to pear/pearfile

2) Edit ./pear/
Line 89: change phpize php-config pear to phpize php-config pearfile
Line 126: change to
Line 127: change pear/pear to pear/pearfile

3) ./pear
Rename or copy to

After that, a ./configure does what it is supposed to, even with the --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs line :). Now if I could just build openssl in to 1.3.17 with no problems...

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