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Tracking OS X drivers System
One of the biggest issues in the day to day acceptance and usage of OS X will be the presence of native device drivers. These drivers are required for things like USB to serial adapters, printers, SCSI cards, scanners, video cameras, and other peripherals that operate on USB, SCSI, or firewire.

If native drivers are not available, the only method of using these devices will be to boot back into OS 9.1 -- they will not work in Classic using their 9.1 drivers (based on what I've been told and read, having asked the question in a few places).

To help track native device drivers, I have added a new category ("Drivers") to the links section of the site. There are (obviously) other web sites that track these kinds of things (use VersionTracker and search on "drivers," or go to Mac OS X Apps and look in the drivers section); I'm doing so here only out of personal interest - I want to have one fast and easy way to find all the drivers I will personally need in OS X final!

Since this was a rapidly-changing beta OS until very recently, I would expect that between now and March 24th we will see a number of OS X drivers announced by the major manufacturers. If you see any release announcements, or find a reference to available OS X drivers, feel free to submit a link, using "Drv-" as the lead-in to the name so that they're easily identifiable in the "What's New?" box.

I hope to have compiled a thorough list of available native drivers prior to the official launch date, as this is one of the first things users will be looking to find for their shiny new OS.
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Authored by: Jay on Jan 19, '01 12:44:38PM

This is really the scariest area of Mac OS X upgrading. I really hope that hardware
manufacturers get on the wagon here. If I can use all my applications under 10, but not my
scanner, MP3 player, printer, Palm Pilot (I don't recall hearing anything from Palm yet), it will
be A Bad Thing™.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 26, '01 03:41:41PM

I was able to do a hotsync with my HandSpring Visor as soon as I booted classic. I had installed OS X over my existing OS 9.1 that already had the Palm Desktop software installed. It even synced faster than normal.


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some drivers do work
Authored by: BMarsh on Apr 21, '01 03:07:05PM

Some drivers do work under classic, it depends greatly on what they are and how they were written

some of those that do were are USB drivers, and they don't directly access any hardware

I've talked with people who have been able to use a USB CD burner under classic, and some other devices like this, but it is more luck than anything.

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some drivers do work - Scanmaker V6 USL
Authored by: mguske on Dec 19, '01 06:33:11PM


I could succesfully install the ScanWizard Driver and Photoshop 5.0 under the real Mac OS 9.2.1 Boot (no surprise ;-) )

But if I turn on my Mac (standard boot is Mac OS X 10.1.1) and the Scanner is already turned on - this is important -) I could use the ScanWizard Twain Driver in Classic Mode.

Classic/Native OS 9/OS X resides on the same partition, standard install by Apple.

Maybe this is helpful for anybody.

- Markus

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HP-G85 drivers
Authored by: BFikkert on Dec 19, '01 06:16:03PM

Print drivers for the HP OfficeJet G85 can't be found searching the HP web page but I recieved a disk by calling them by phone they sent the drivers for my G85 all in one printer. Worked only once. The printer will not respond to Print Center from any program.

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HP-G85 drivers didn't work in Classic?
Authored by: mguske on Dec 23, '01 06:47:08AM


just installed the Office Jet G85 Software under Mac OS 9.2.1 and it works (already installed the 2.0.6 patch software from HP).

I assumed, that I could use the "whole" G85 functions within Classic mode - like I described before - see ScanMaker V6 USL entry in this section - -
but it doesn't.

I always got the info from printer panel "could not load printer driver" - nor fax or scan or print -

Does anybody has a hint, what I have to do to get the G85 printer up and running within classic mode?
Do I have to copy anything from my start-folder (from MacOS9.2.1) into a "special folder" for classic mode?

I assumed, that classic mode uses the same startup folder for those things like Mac OS 9.2.1 native does, because the reside on the same Partition (I use the default installation from Apple: 1 Partition for Mac OS 9.2.1 and Mac OS X 10.1.2.)

Thanks in advance,


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Addendum for Classic Mode
Authored by: mguske on Dec 23, '01 12:36:01PM


just checked. I could use the OCR-Feature chosen from HP-Director. A scan is done and the bundled Software Readiris comes up with the scanned picture and does its job.

I also start a copy process.



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