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BETA ONLY - Use 9.1 and 9.04 with OS X System
Last night, I installed the OS 9.1 update on my OS X box. This means that Classic no longer functions in OS X. However, you can use both if you like, as long as you can install a second OS 9 folder. If you have more than one partition (in particular, an OS X and an OS 9 partition), simply upgrade your "real" 9.04 to 9.1, and leave the OS X version alone at 9.04.

After the upgrade, I found that the Classic Preferences couldn't see my 9.04 folder; it just saw the 9.1 folder, which meant I couldn't use Classic.

I restarted into 9.1, and then used the System Disk utility to select the OS X partition's OS 9.04 folder as the boot drive, then rebooted into 9.04. Once there, I again used the System Disk app to select OS X, and booted into OS X. I was then able to specify the 9.04 folder as the Classic environment in the Classic prefs dialog.

It seems OS X 'remembers' the last OS 9 folder you used, and uses that one as the Classic environment. This can be a bit dangerous if you have two 9.04's on your machine, and you're trying to keep one 'clean' from OS X. I haven't tested it, but it appears that if you simply boot into your 'real' 9.04 and then launch OS X, you'll change the Classic environment to your real OS 9.04. It would appear the safest way to do this would involve running whatever you needed in your real environment, then booting into the OS X 9.04 system, and then booting into OS X.

Hopefully this will all be moot point when OS X 1.0 ships.
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RE: Running 9.1 and 9.04 with OS X
Authored by: Anonymous on Jan 12, '01 11:25:46AM

I have also done this, even with pre GM 9.1, but what seems to happen, is that when I
bootup in OS X, that it manages to write something into my Volume partition map,
and it changed what it thought was the file system type for the 9.1 partition,
which was my normal boot volume. I could boot from 9.1, but could not copy files
to/from its volume, without the folder invisible flag set. The partition was no longer
visible if I booted up with OS 9.0.4 or OS X. I had to back up, re-partition,
and reload. But after all, I kept trying to tell myself, "its only a Beta" (it didn't
help). Also, any non-default extensions in the 9.0.4 used for Classic, can not only
cause crashes of Classic, but can bring down OS X (not supposed to), and leave behind
other problems, forcing either a reinstall of OS X & the Classic 9.0.4.
Gino LaPointe

P.S. Overall I was well pleased with OS X, Classic, and 9.1 as my three main
partitions (the fourth had been the Italian 9) - and like the old watch commercials,
"And it's still ticking !"

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System Prefs for Classic
Authored by: Anonymous on Jan 17, '01 10:10:24PM

I have a System Folder (9.1) and a System Folder (9.0.4) side by side on my OS 9 partition. After booting into X, use the Startup Disk prefs to select the 9.0.4 folder. Don't restart. Now boot Classic. This has worked for me so far. Select the 9.1 to get back. I don't know how 9.0.4 would react to having 2 system folders, but 9.1 can handle it, and I only use the 9.0.4 for the XPB.

X wants to reinstall the classic compatability files everytime. I don't know why.

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