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Long file names? System
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I downloaded the .tar file containing the PHP documentation, and was just beginning to read the files when I came across this problem: long file names. It would seem that OS X Public Beta chokes on very long file names such as
  • language.basic-syntax.instruction-separation.php
The problem first came up as an inability for me to view certain pages in the PHP manual. I first though it was a bug in IE.

But then I then looked into the directory using the Finder, and discovered that while files with shorter names are recognized by the Finder as HTML files (due to their .html extension?), longer ones like the one I mentioned as well as many others, are not recognized. I though OS X is supposed to supported long file names, up to 255 characters?!?!?

If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd appreciated it. Thanks!

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Carbon Apps
Authored by: zerologic on Dec 20, '00 03:19:38PM

...don't recognize long file names yet which is why IE pukes. This is why you really want a
Cocoa version of a Napster client instead of Napster for Mac. :) doesn't know
what the heck a php file is, you need to tell it. :)

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Carbon Apps
Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 21, '00 01:35:44PM

Mac OS X does support long file names, up to the mentioned 255.
It is possible for an application to not support long file names.
iCab can not save a web page as a very long file (not sure if this is
an iCab bug or a problem with an Apple API they use). Where I think
your problem is with the file name itself. The file name begins with
"language.basic". I believe the OS and application will treat this part
as the begining of the file extension and the characters after the . will
be the file extension. This means that your file is not a .html file but
rather .basicxxxxx (actually, I don't know how long a file extension Mac
OS X supports - read it someplace but don't recall and its not important
in this circumstance).
The easiest way to prove me right or wrong is to remove the period
between language and basic and they try. If that works, that was your
problem. If not you'll have to look "deeper"

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