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Links text based web browser Internet
I noticed that you talk about how to compile lynx. There is a *much* better text based web browser called "links" it resides at this URL. I downloaded and compiled it without any problem. It handles tables, and frames correctly. It is my browser of choice on OSX... it has yet to crash on me in many many hours of use.
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Just because you can...
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 03, '01 07:18:10AM

Doesn't mean you should.

In a beautifully graphical OS, I don't understand the point of using lynx. I used lynx years ago when Mosaic was still popular, when I couldn't get webpages to load correctly, or network troubleshooting when telnetted out to another subnet.

It's like purposefully shooting yourself in the foot. Why make yourself view webpages, which in these modern times aren't meant to be just text anymore, with lynx?

OmniWeb works just fine for me, and on the odd occasion that it doesn't, IE5 generally does.

There's no need to be a glutton for punishment.

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Sometimes it makes sense...
Authored by: robg on Apr 03, '01 08:30:23AM

I love OmniWeb. However, it doesn't work so well (OK, at all!) when I use SSH to connect to my home machine from the office, and need to hit a web page for one reason or another -- usuually to start a file download on the home machine. 'links' is perfect for that, since it runs from the command line.

For those that prefer no-mouse navigation, it's also 100% keyboard based.

You are correct, in general, but it's nice knowing that we have an OS that now supports so many choices in browsers!


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Because you it's better
Authored by: babbage on Apr 10, '01 06:05:11PM
Yeah, OSX does provide a really beautiful GUI system, but it's a hell of a bloated one, too.
Sometimes I just need to get to one site, download a file, and I'm done. IE is a hell of a
resource hog on my little iMac. Sometimes I'll be directed to an article I'd like to read,
or I want to download a file from the web, or, as a web developer, I just want to see how
pages I'm writing look on a text only browser (like, effectively, AvantGo on a Palm Pilot).
And as another commenter noted, they're de rigeur over an ssh session.

The GUI is beautiful, yes, but there is more than one way to do things for a reason.
Sometimes firing up the big pretty web browser isn't the fastest way to get things done...

That said, the closest binaries on the links site seemed to be for FreeBSD, which didn't
work on OSX. I'm assuming I have to build it from source then? I don't seem to have a
compiler available -- does that have to come from the developers tools disc? Hmm....

Open source is cool & all, but I hate having to build thorny packages. I hope this one
is relatively painless....

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New version released...
Authored by: robg on Jul 18, '01 12:09:36AM
Vasantha Crabb has compiled links 0.96 for OS X. I've put the new version up on my OS X Collection web page, or you can grab it from Vasantha's site. Make sure you view and follow the instructions in the included README file for a proper installation. -rob.

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